A few days ago, we were talking about a super cool iPhone camera attachment which is allegedly capable of bringing DSLR-quality photos. Now it’s optics company Olympus who proves that camera attachments for smartphones are becoming popular these days, as it is introducing the new Air A01 add-on.

olympus mirorless camera add on smartphone 2

Olympus’ new Air A01 add-on camera is a smartphone-controlled camera somewhat similar to the Sony QX1, which was launched back in the fall of 2013. The Olympus Air A01 comes with a Micro Four Thirds lens mount with a matching 16-megapixel sensor, and also gets a tripod mount on the bottom for taking pictures remotely. The camera attachment comes in black and white colors and is available for a price of $300.  olympus mirorless camera add on smartphone

The interchangeable lens camera allows Android and iPhone users to make use of such features like optical zoom, high image quality, big bright apertures, strong low light performance and shallow depth of field. The Air A01 gets 10 frames per second burst shooting, a 1/16000th of a second silent shutter, F.A.S.T. 81-point Touch Autofocus system and TruePic VII Image Processor. It also comes with a high resolution 16MP Live MOS Sensor and a completely digital M.Zuiko Micro Four Thirds Lens system.

Pairing the A01 is possible with the OA Central app; and for a stable connection the camera combines both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If you are an experienced digital photographer, then you can make use of the Mode Dial shooting function which brings M, A, S and P modes, a control panel, and settings like ISO, aperture, exposure, drive mode, aspect ratio and more. You can also customize function buttons.

Furthermore, you can add effects to your pictures with Art Filter, Color Creator, Photo Story and Genius options. For videos, there is the Clips feature which allows users to take several short snippets of video and then rearrange them, add transitions or background music, apply creative art effects and more.

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