Our smartphones are called like that because we can rely on them for a wide range of features, and this makes us dependent of their multifunctionality. We use them to search for information, to check out friends’ pictures from their recent trip, as fitness trackers and whatnot.

instant app

And when we spend so much times glued to our devices, it becomes interesting to know what exactly have we done the entire day. Luckily for the curious out there, there’s a really nice app that’s available for both iPhone and Android users, called Instant- Quantified Self. This is the first app developed by Emberify, a developing team which is also a winner of the Google Fit developer challenge.

Described as an app that puts ‘your life on a dashboard, Instant track all your activities automatically and then brings out a report similar to the above image. If you’re new to lifelogging apps, then you’re familiar with this concept, but if you’re just hearing this, then this app is worth trying out thanks to its easiness of use.

According to the developers, this app is basically like ‘Google Analytics for your life’ as it tracks your device usage time, travel, fitness and places. Instant tracks everything automatically in the background, without requiring for manual entries like other lifelogging apps, so this is what makes it different than the rest, if you were wondering. Here are the daily activities that you will be able to track with this app:

  • How much time you spent on your phone & how many times you checked it
  • How much you walk, run and travel
  • Track the time you spend at places

You can also set additional reminders according to your daily device usage limit. The app also integrates its data with Google Fit, so it’s quite easy to track your fitness and travel time. It’s also possible to create geofences and to obtain various graphs for a better understanding of your spent time. The has also been updated with support for Android Wear, so you can make use of its feature on your smartwatch, as well.

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