Facebook is always adding new features to their products and also release new services almost every month. Now according to a fresh report coming from Buzzfeed, it seems that Facebook is testing a new feature in its Messenger app called “Photo Magic“. It will scan your Camera Roll in order to find pictures of your Facebook friends.

facebook messenger photo magic

It seems that Facebook is focusing these days on bringing even more features to Facebook Messenger, as we’ve recently talked about the new Message Requests feature which replaces the ‘others’ folder. The new feature doesn’t even imply that you have to upload your photos, as all is being done locally. This is a bit intrusive, indeed, as Facebook is no longer online-only, but it’s reaching its hands to your offline files, as well.

You just need to give Facebook Messenger the access it needs and then Photo Magic will use its facial recognition technology to help you notify friends on Facebook when you’ve taken a photo of them. Thus, Photo Magic will work every time you take a picture, scanning its content to identify if there’s a friend in them. iPhone users will be less ‘annoyed’ by this option. Also, it needs to be pointed out that this new option will only involve new pictures, and it won’t scan the old ones you took.

The purpose of this feature is obvious – to make Facebook users use the messenger app even more and rely on its option. I know I use WhatsApp for exactly this purpose – to quickly send pictures to my friends after we’ve been together somewhere, and it seems Facebook wants its users to do the same on Facebook Messenger.

The new feature is currently limited to a test group in Australia, and Facebook will most likely bring it to the vast audience in the near future. While it’s going to be a great addition for many, those who value their privacy will probably say no to it.

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