Google has officially announced that it will be including cellular support for Android Wear devices. This announcement came right after LG announced Urbane 2nd Edition, an Android Wear smartwatch supporting LTE.

Since the watch will no more be completely dependent on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it will automatically latch to a cellular network, which will allow it to function as a standalone device even if your phone is not in handy. The Smartwatch will not just beam notifications but you will also be able to receive and send messages and run your apps, even if your phone is in the next room.


As we said earlier, LG Urbane 2 Edition LTE will be the first Android Wear to support cellular connection and will be available with Verizon and AT&T. The Urbane 2 will be available for the international customers in the upcoming months.

Supporting cellular connection will bring in play a whole new set of use cases for the Android Wear which till now had to be hooked to the smartphone’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The cellular connection lets users keep their phones at home when they are hitting gyms or going for a jog without actually missing out on notifications and calls. With Google officiating the support, it is very likely that most of the other Android Wear manufacturers will come up with their own smartwatch supporting LTE. Samsung has already gone this way for its smartwatches with the Tizen OS. Apple Watch OS doesn’t have cellular support, and knowing Apple, we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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