Using a built-in VPN in a browser is a great way to protect your data while browsing the Internet. Compared to setting up external VPN apps, a VPN integrated into the browser provides an easy way to connect and requires a smaller number of steps.

browsers with built in vpn support

If you are looking for the best browsers with built-in VPN, you have come to the right place. We have tested dozens of browsers with VPN support and found the 7 best VPN browsers for you.

Before we take a look at the list, here is a short and simple guide on how to choose the best browser with built-in VPN support.

How to Choose the Best Browser With a Built-In VPN

If you are looking for a browser with an integrated VPN, you should pay attention to some important features. These include the VPN features and also the features of the browser. This way, you can make sure that you choose the right browser. Here are the most common features you should look out for:

  • Privacy and Security: First and foremost, you should pay attention to how the browser protects your privacy and security by encrypting your data. The main purpose of a VPN is to protect your data while you browse the Internet. Look for a browser that offers strong encryption.
  • Speed: VPNs are known for their slow internet connections. Make sure that the browser you choose offers a fast and reliable connection.
  • Location Masking: With traditional VPNs, you can choose from a wide range of service locations. With VPNs built into browsers, these features are limited. Nevertheless, there are a few built-in browsers and VPNs that let you choose from a wide range of locations.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: Some VPN services limit the amount of data you use. Look for a browser with VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth.
  • Price: Price is also a very important factor. Some browsers with built-in VPN are free, while others require a subscription.
  • Additional features: These features are not essential but can be a nice addition to improve the overall experience of using the browser. Features include ad blockers, easy setup, and much more.

Features of the browser you should look for

  • Speed: Speed is the most important criterion when choosing a browser. The browser should be able to load pages quickly and efficiently.
  • User Interface: The user interface is another important point that you should consider. You should choose a browser that is easy to use and navigate and also offers a clear presentation.
  • Extension and add-ons: Supporting extensions in your browser can be a great asset. You can add VPN browser extensions and also other features to improve the capabilities of the browser.

Best Browsers with Built-in VPN Support

Here are the best VPN browsers for Android and iOS:

  1. Opera: Feature-packed browser with VPN support
  2. Brave: Guardian-powered VPN browser
  3. KIWI: Powered by its own free VPN extension
  4. Pawxy: USer-friendly browser with integrated VPN
  5. Aloha: VPN browser with no-log policy
  6. Tor: VPN browser for power users
  7. Epic: Multiple proxies

Opera Browser

opera browser

The first thing that comes to mind when we recommend a browser with built-in VPS is the Opera browser. Opera is known for its wide range of feature-rich browsers, and one of the most popular browsers from the list that offer free VPN services are Opera GM and Opera Browser, with VPN support.

Opera browser with built-in VPN offers free and unlimited VPN connections. The VPN is also very easy to set up. Once the VPN is turned on, the free version of the VPN allows you to select up to four different locations. The VPN encrypts internet traffic, giving you more privacy and secure connections. You can upgrade to the premium version, which gives you the choice of a wide range of service locations and also offers better speeds compared to the free version.

vpn settings opera

The VPN also offers location masking, which makes it appear as if your traffic is coming from the server and not from your device. It also has an ad-blocking feature that allows you to browse with fewer distractions and load the web pages faster.

The home screen is full of links and messages that you can easily remove by tapping the three-dot menu at the top. The default search engine is Google, and you can change it in the settings.

opera home page

You can navigate to the different parts of the browser by using the bottom navigation, which offers other useful features, such as Opera Flow, which lets you send files and links between devices, a special snapshot tool that lets you capture, edit, and share snapshots of web pages, the pin, which lets you save and collect web page content, battery saver, Crypto Wallet, which lets you secure cryptocurrency payments, and more.

All in all, the Opera browser is the best option if you are looking for a free, simple, and easy-to-set-up integrated VPN browser. The additional useful features make it a feature-rich website for people coming from simple browsers like Google Chrome. The VPN is free and offers unlimited bandwidth with good speeds and reliable connections.

vpn icon opera

Setting up VPN is also very simple. Click on your profile picture in the bottom navigation and tap VPN; you can long-press the VPN icon for more details.

Opera for Android Opera for iOS

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Brave Browser

brave browser logo

Brave is another popular browser that has gained popularity in recent years thanks to the many privacy features that are built into the browser. Brave is primarily designed to block third-party apps and trackers by default, preventing websites from collecting your data and browsing habits. The Brave browser is based on Chromium and offers a similar experience to Google Chrome.

Brave’s built-in VPN, which you can access by tapping the three-dot menu at the top. The Brave VPN is powered by a partnership with the Guardian, which means it is not available for free and is available with a subscription for both mobile and desktop starting at $9.99/month.

brave vpn

The Brave VPN encrypts and protects everything you do online, even outside the browser, just like a traditional third-party VPN app. When the VPN is enabled, it blocks any connection to the web and also the connections you made outside the web browser.

Besides the VPN, Brave also offers other features like HTTPs everywhere, which provide an encrypted connection whenever possible, and the Brave Rewards program, which lets users earn basic attention tokens for viewing Privacy Respected Ads. These tokens can be used to support content creators, or they can be redeemed on other websites that accept BAT tokens.

Brave is one of the fastest internet browser apps. By blocking unwanted content on Brave, web pages load faster and give you a smoother experience. The default search engine on Brave is a Brave search engine, which can be slow and display inaccurate results. You can switch to Google or any other search engine of your choice. Also, Brave has a built-in password manager that lets you easily store and manage your passwords.

brave search engine

The user interface is very similar to Opera, with quick links on the home screen, a navigation bar at the bottom, and a search at the top. You can customize the look and theme in the settings.

7 top browsers with built-in vpn support for android and iphone - brave home screen e1686633822223

Overall, Brave is the best option for people looking for an alternative to popular browsers like Google Chrome and Microsft Edge. With built-in VPN support and privacy-focused controls, Brave is a great option for those who want to improve their privacy while connecting securely. With a focus on privacy, security, and rewards, Brave Browser grabs the attention of many users.

Brave for Android Brave for iOS

KIWI Browser

kiwi browser logo

Next, we have the Kiwi browser, a mobile version of the browser that supports Google Chrome Extensions. You can use the extension feature at KIWI to install third-party VPN extensions and use them to secure your connection. This allows not only flexibility in choosing different VPN connections but also access to the most popular VPN services for free.

Setting up a VPN connection in the KIWI browser is quite different from browsers with built-in VPN support. You need to download the VPN extension from the Google Chrome Web Store, add it to the browser, connect the VPN, and start using it. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up a VPN, see the “How to set it up” section.

The KIWI browser and its features provide a simple and easy-to-use interface. The default search engine on the KIWI browser is Microsoft Edge, which also brings the latest AI generative feature. You can change the search engine in the settings if you want. The ad blocker is enabled by default and blocks most of the ads on the websites.

The home screen is similar to the Google Chrome browser, with the search, quick links, and discover feed at the bottom. You can disable the Discover Feed by tapping Settings and clicking Turn Off. You can click the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner to access most of KIWI’s browser features, such as night mode, extensions, and more.

Overall, KIWI is the best option to set up and use VPN through the browser. Unlike other apps, VPN can be enabled on KIWI with the help of extension support. The app feels and looks almost like Google Chrome. If you are looking for a free VPN service with flexible choices and extension support, KIWI is a good choice.

How to Setup VPN on KIWI Browser:

  • Open the Kiwi browser and click on the three-dot menu at the top.
    click on the three dot menu on the top
  • Now click on the extensions.
    kiwi extensions on the sidebar
  • Now click on the + (from store) at the top of the screen. You can also load extensions from zip files, which is not necessary at the moment.
    load from store extension
  • Now, you will be redirected to the Google Chrome extensions website. Now you can search for any extension you want. There are many of the best VPN Chrome extensions, or this guide I am using Touch VPN, which is also one of the best ones.
  • Now click on the add to Chrome to add an extension to the KIWI Browser
    add vpn to the kiwi browser
  • Now click on the three-dot menu again and click on Extensions. Now you will see the list of extensions added to the KIWI browser.
    click on the three dot menu on the top
  • To enable the VPN, click on the three-dot menu and scroll down until you see the Touch VPN option. From here, you can select different locations and adjust the various settings of the VPN.
  • To get to the extension settings, click the three-dot menu, now select the extension and click the details. If you want to remove the extension, click the Remove to Disable button in the lower right corner of the screen.
    touch vpn extension settings

KIWI for Android


pawxy browser logo

If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly browser with an integrated VPN, Pawxy is the best choice for you. The app is minimalistic, and you can set up a cross-device VPN in just a few steps.

Pawxy’s built-in VPN is available for free. It protects your privacy and secures your connection by encrypting the data and also hiding your IP address. Pawxy enables a device-wide VPN connection that encrypts all of the device’s connections.

vpn connect pawxy

Pawxy’s built-in VPN is free to use and offers unlimited bandwidth. It also supports location masking, where you can select multiple VPN server locations, including France, Canada, Singapore, the UK, and also the US. Once the VPN is turned on, you will get a notification on the tap and also within the app that gives the details about the transferred data and more.

As mentioned earlier, the browser is one of the most minimalistic browsers. On the home screen, you will find quick links but no news and discover feeds like other browsers. The default search engine is Google, and you can easily change it via the settings.

pawxy browser home screen

Another highlight of the app is the ability to create multiple browsers in one browser. This feature is very similar to Google Chrome Profile. Here, you can create and customize each browser and give it a name. The user interface is simple, modern, and clean.

pawxy new create browser

Other features of the app include “Vanish” mode, which deletes all data when you exit the app, setting different themes, forcing dark mode on all web pages, parallel download, and more.

Overall, Pawxy is the best and easiest browser with a built-in VPN supported across devices. The user-friendly, integrated, and easy-to-set-up VPN makes it an ideal option for people who are looking for a minimal and simple user-friendly browser.

You can open the browser and click on the VPN icon at the top. After selecting the server location and clicking on the connection, you can start using VPN. A notification will be displayed at the top, along with the usage analysis.

Pawxy for Android 

Aloha Browser

aloha browser logo

Aloha Browser is a good choice if you are looking for an integrated VPN browser to access information from different regions and bypass geographical restrictions. The app has a simple and clean interface with the ability to customize VPN at launch and also set up cross-device VPN.

Aloha Browser’s integrated VPN offers both free and paid versions. The free version comes with some limitations, such as the inability to choose your own server location and limited speeds. However, it offers unlimited bandwidth and a location mask to hide your data and access content that is restricted at your location.

aloha vpn

The premium version of the VPN offers manual server location selection, improved speed and security, and more. It also enables cross-device VPN features and the ability to activate the VPN when you open the browser automatically.

The Aloha browser has a simple and modern user interface. The VPN options are located in the settings and need to be activated in several steps, which can be time-consuming for some users. On the home screen, you will find quick links and a personalized news feed. The default search engine is Private Browser, and you can easily switch to popular search engines like Google, Microsoft, Bing, and others.

aloha home screen

Other useful features of the app include a crypto wallet that lets you make transfers and connect to Web 3.0 services, an ad-block feature that automatically blocks ads on the websites, the ability to add themes, a password manager, an app lock to lock the browser, a password manager, a media player to play videos, and more.

Overall, Aloha Browser is the best option for people who are looking for a browser with a built-in VPN to protect personal data online and also the ability to customize VPN settings, automatically launch when you open the browser, cross-device VPN, and more.

Aloha for Android Aloha for iOS

Tor Browser

tor browser

If you want to hide your identity while browsing the Internet, Tor Browser is the best option for you. Similar to a VPN connection, Tor Browser connections are encrypted by default and hide the user’s real IP address and location from third parties. It is impossible to trace a Tor connection back to the original user, and this is the reason why most people use Tor for anonymous access to the Internet.

However, you can not use the Tor browser to access content from blocked sites all the time. Some websites directly block traffic coming from Tor exit nodes, and some network administrators block all Tor traffic.

By default, the Tor browser blocks all trackers and advertisements on the website. It uses a DuckDuckGo search engine. Using the app is simple and straightforward. After you open the app, you can click on the connection, and it will establish a secure connection. You can search and access the internet using the search function at the bottom. The Tor browser also lets you change the default search engine. The list of options includes Google, Twitter, YouTube, the home page, Wikipedia, and more.

tor search engine

You can select the security of the Tor browser and also enable HTTP-only mode. By default, it is not possible to take a screenshot, but that can be changed in the settings. Other features of the app include add-ons that include browser capabilities, automatic closing of tabs after a certain time, and more.

tor browser options

Overall, Tor is the best option if you want to hide your identity while browsing the Internet and also access services and information that are not available on the regular Internet.

Tor is not officially available on iOS. Instead of the Tor browser, you can use the Onion browser, which follows the same standards.

Tor for Android Onion for iOS

Epic Browser

epic browser logo

Epic Browser is another simple and minimal browser with a built-in VPN. The VPN feature is available as an ad that you can install for free. Once the add-on is installed, you can access the VPN option directly from the home screen. Once the VPN is enabled, you can secure your connection and hide your online identity while browsing the Internet.

epic browser homepage

As mentioned earlier, there are not many features to say about this browser. The home screen is kept simple and contains only quicklinks to websites. You can add your own quicklinks by clicking on the plus icon and adding the website address. The default search engine is Yahoo, and you can only change it to Epic search engine. The browser is based on Chromium, and most of the settings are similar to Google Chrome.

epic browser search engine options

Another useful feature of the Epic browser is the file saver, which securely downloads and stores the files on your Android device. You can also password protect them, Ad Block, which is available as an add-on and blocks ads on multiple websites, Text to Speech Converter, which converts website content to speech, and you can also add and queue multiple websites, HTTPS everywhere, always in private mode, and more.

epic browser extensions

If you are looking for a browser with a simple and minimalist interface with built-in VPN and other privacy features, Epic Browser is the best option for you.

Epic for Android Epic for iOS

Benefits of Having an In-Built VPN on a Browser

  • Ease of use: built-in VPNs are easier to use because they don’t require additional installation or setup. You don’t need to install a separate VPN to protect your data while surfing the web. Some VPNs also offer cross-device support.
  • Speed: Browsers with built-in VPNs tend to be faster because they only encrypt web browser traffic and not all of your device’s internet traffic. This can make browsing smoother and faster.
  • Cost-effectiveness: many standalone VPN services require a subscription fee. With free built-in VPNs, you can protect your data and improve your security.
  • Traffic separation: when you use a browser-based VPN, you can choose which activities you want to protect and which you don’t. With easy access, you can easily turn the VPN on and off as needed.
  • Compatibility: Some devices may not support VPN apps, but they can support web browsers with built-in VPNs.

Unveiling the Top 10 Browsers With Built-In VPNs

This is the list of the best browsers with integrated VPS. As we just discussed, built-in VPNs offer more benefits and allow you to encrypt and secure your data when browsing the Internet. The list includes popular browsers Opera, Brave, KIWI and also TOR, and other best web browsers. I hope you find this list helpful. Let us know in the comments below which browser you will use next.

FAQs on Best VPN Browsers

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Yes, with the built-in VPNs in the browser, you can access the blocked content. You can easily bypass geographical restrictions and access blocked content by masking your IP address and making it look like you're browsing from a different location. Just change the location of the VPN server. Please note that most free VPN apps only offer limited and selected locations.

Yes, there are certainly some limitations to using a browser with a built-in VPN

  • Limited protection: browser-based VPNs only protect your web browsing activities. Other Internet-connected apps and activities on your device aren't protected. However, some apps offer cross-device VPN support that solves this problem.
  • Limited server location options: external VPNs typically offer more options in terms of server locations than VPN support built into the browser.
  • Potential for data logging: Some browsers can collect user data, which is potentially a privacy concern, especially if the browser or VPN service isn't transparent about its logging practices.

Here are some frequently asked questions about browsers with built-in VPNs:

  • What is a browser with a built-in VPN?

A browser with a built-in VPN is a web browser that includes a virtual private network (VPN) service. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a server in another location, which can help to protect your privacy and security.

  • What are the benefits of using a browser with a built-in VPN?

There are several benefits to using a browser with a built-in VPN. These include:

  • Increased privacy: A VPN can help to protect your privacy by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your IP address. This can make it more difficult for websites and other third parties to track your online activity.
  • Improved security: A VPN can also help to improve your security by protecting you from online threats such as hackers and malware.
  • Access to geo-restricted content: A VPN can also be used to access geo-restricted content, such as streaming services that are not available in your region.
  • What are the drawbacks of using a browser with a built-in VPN?

There are a few drawbacks to using a browser with a built-in VPN. These include:

  • Reduced speed: A VPN can sometimes slow down your internet connection. This is because the VPN encrypts your traffic, which can add some overhead.
  • Limited functionality: Some browsers with built-in VPNs may not be compatible with certain websites or online services.
  • Security concerns: Some built-in VPNs may not be as secure as standalone VPN services. This is because the VPN may be tied to the browser itself, which could potentially log your online activity and browsing data.

No, Chrome does not have a built-in VPN. While it's one of the safest and most feature-rich browsers, Chrome doesn't come with built-in VPN support. However, there are many third-party VPN extensions available for Chrome that you can install to get the same functionality.

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