Facebook iOS app has been updated with new features which will let the users now leverage Apple’s Live Photography to come up with a fresh approach to imaging. Facebook for iOS has started supporting Live photos and the roll out has already begun, with a small percentile of folks getting support for the same.


The roll out is said to extend over the initial months of the new year and any user who has been a part of the rollout will be able to use the Live Photos on the Facebook apps in both iPhone and iPad. At the core of the Live Photos lie a 12-Megapixel still image which has been stitched with two other videos taken at a time frame of 1.5-seconds plus and minus the actual time of capturing the still. The Live Photo will turn alive once you press anywhere on the photo. So we know how live photos work and the fact that there are a handful of apps which convert the live photos into usual GIF so that they can be shared across the internet is a sign that Live Photos are catching up.

Here is how you can post the Live Photo on Facebook, from the news feed click Photo and select the Live Photo. In order to ensure that the photo is posted in the “Live” format before you upload the photo, make sure that the “Live” on the lower right hand corner of the photo is checked. That being said, the Live Photos will retain the native formatting even after being uploaded which means that the Live Photos can only be viewed by people running iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan.

Live Photos have been catching up with the imagination of the people and although it is currently a format popular and sort of restricted to iOS, it is only a matter of time before it becomes platform agnostic. Lately, Facebook has been experimenting with lots of new features and has also been involved in tweaking the current ones. We hope that the rollout would be concluded soon so that we can actually test out how the feature works in flesh.

How long will it take for Twitter to support the Live Photos?

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