Almost every Android user I know actively uses Truecaller (or Truedialer). Almost every iPhone user I know… doesn’t. Truecaller on Android can do crazy helpful things like identifying who’s calling while they’re calling you, popup contact details when you copy a number and more.

The iOS app, though, is heavily limited by comparison (and, of course, Truemessenger can’t even exist on iOS). Truecaller can’t really scan calls or actively look at your call log.

But if you’re using iOS 8 and up, there is one simple way for looking up any unknown number from your call log. Or any contact that you copy to your clipboard. This is nowhere near as helpful as Truecaller just flashing all the details while you get the call, but it’s something.

truecaller widget 4

For this, you’ll need to enable the Truecaller Notification Center widget. Make sure you’re signed into the app.

truecaller widget 2

Then pull down the Notification Center, tap on “Today”, swipe down and tap on “Edit” and tap the “+” button beside Truecaller. You can rearrange the widget using the handle on the right edge.

truecaller widget 1

Now, just long press on the number from the contact view, tap the “Copy” button, swipe down the Notification Center and viola, the widget will identify the number for you.

truecaller widget 3

How I Use the Widget as a True Truecaller Workaround

Because I was so used to Truecaller and Truedialer just being there, I got into this habit of not accepting any calls that were from an unknown number – meaning, not in the Truecaller database.

And that habit has stuck. Now, when I get a call from an unknown number, I just don’t answer it. Once it’s ended, I go in, copy the number and see who it is from the widget. If I think it’s important, I call them back. Or else, I just let it go.

It’s almost 2016. Who calls people anyway?

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