Truecaller is a leading caller identification service used by millions worldwide. Part of the reason it’s so popular is its generous feature set that gets frequently updated with new features, such as AI Call Screener and Call Reason, to augment the service and improve users’ calling and messaging experience on their smartphones.

truecaller call recording

Recently, Truecaller announced that it’s bringing the call recording feature to its Android and iOS apps. For the unaware, the company introduced call recording on its Android app back in 2018. However, owing to Google’s change in Accessibility API—used by Truecaller and other call recording apps to record calls—it had to remove the feature from its app.

Although the API restrictions still exist and enabling call recording isn’t as easy as it used to be once, Truecaller has devised a workaround to get around the operating system limitations and offer call recording on its app. And this time for both Android and iOS.

Let’s check out this new call recording feature in Truecaller, see how it works, and find out how to use it to record calls on Android and iPhone.

What Is Truecaller’s New Call Recording Feature?

As its name implies, Truecaller’s call recording feature allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls on your Android and iPhone using the Truecaller app.

By default, all your recordings are locally stored on your device, but you can back them up to the cloud (Google Drive or iCloud) for reference. In addition, you can also listen, rename, share, and delete recordings from your device as and when required.

Truecaller also provides a summarized transcript of the call recording in the form of text using LLM (Large Language Model), so you can easily navigate it and find bits and pieces in your conversation. Moving forward, it also plans to include some useful additions to the feature, such as AI-generated summaries of the call recording and short call titles.

Call recording is exclusive to Truecaller Premium. It’s currently available in the US only, but Truecaller says it’s working on rolling it out to users in more countries.

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How Does Truecaller’s New Call Recording Feature Work?

Both Google and Apple have restrictions in place on Android and iOS, respectively, to prevent apps from recording phone calls on their operating systems natively.

Truecaller gets around these limitations by using tech from CallHero, a company it acquired last year. Essentially, what Truecaller is doing here is using a technology called “recording line” from a cloud telephony provider, wherein it records the call on the cloud and sends it back to the device once the call ends.

Truecaller isn’t the first to take this approach to call recording on smartphones. Many services have attempted this previously, but what separates Truecaller’s approach is that it doesn’t save recordings to the cloud; instead, it keeps everything stored locally on the device, as we mentioned earlier, to ensure absolute privacy.

How to Record Calls Using Truecaller’s Call Recording Feature

Since Truecaller takes a different approach to recording calls on Android and iOS, the steps to record a call are also different. Below is a breakdown of the process for both platforms.

Make sure you’re subscribed to Truecaller Premium to be able to access the call recording feature.

How to Record Calls on Android Using Truecaller

If you’re an Android user, you can use the new recording button on the Truecaller dialer to record calls. This lets you record both incoming and outgoing calls on your device.

To record an incoming or outgoing call with Truecaller, once a call is active, tap the record button, as shown in the image below, to start recording. You can tap on the button again to stop recording at any point. Once the call ends, Truecaller will send a push notification alerting you that the recorded conversation is available.

truecaller call recording feature on android
IMAGE: Truecaller

Alternatively, if you’re using another dialer on your Android device, Truecaller will give you a floating recording button on the screen. Tap on this button to start recording an incoming or outgoing call.

How to Record Calls on iPhone Using Truecaller

Unlike Android, if you’re on iOS, the call recording process is a little complex and involves a series of steps. Here’s a breakdown of these steps to help you in the process.

To record an incoming call:

  1. Pick up the incoming call on your iPhone.
  2. Open the Truecaller app and go to the Search tab.
  3. Tap the Record a Call button and hit Call the Recording Line to call the recording line.
  4. Tap on the Merge Calls buttons to merge the two calls.
    recording incoming calls on truecaller on iphone
    IMAGE: Truecaller

To record an outgoing call:

  1. Open Truecaller and head to the Search tab.
  2. Tap on Record a Call and hit the Call the Recording Line button to call the recording line.
  3. Hit the Add Call button and call the number/person with whom you want to take (and record the conversation).
  4. Tap the Merge Calls button to merge both calls, and Truecaller will start recording the call.
    recording outgoing calls on truecaller on iphone
    IMAGE: Truecaller

A New Approach to Call Recording on Smartphones

Truecaller’s reintroduction of the call recording functionality makes it possible for Android users to be able to record calls on their smartphones again. This is a sigh of relief for those who use stock Android, as the software doesn’t offer the call recording functionality on its native Dialer app, unlike third-party UIs.

Similarly, it also opens the possibility of recording calls on the iPhone—something that seemed far-fetched due to the limitations Apple has in place on iOS.

If you live in the US and are interested in trying out Truecaller’s new call recording feature, upgrade to one of the Truecaller Premium plans: Connect ($29.90 per year) or Assistant ($49.99 per year). Those living outside need to wait for the feature to be available in their country.

It remains to be seen how Truecaller deals with regulations in certain countries that discourage users from recording others without their consent to protect their privacy. As per certain blogs, Truecaller will likely add a beep when the call recording begins to notify the other person on the call about the same.

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