Although Android rules the roost when it comes to global mobile OS market share, Google has very little control over the affairs. For instance, the update process in an Android powered phone is something that Google has no control over, they just finalize the update after which it is at the sole discretion of the OEM or the carriers on when and how to push the update. Consequentially many of the Android users are being left in the lurch when it comes to the updates.


Unlike the iOS, Android is a diverse ecosystem and it powers devices across different price range and segments thus currently making it impossible for Google to be at the helm of the affairs. As of now Google has been commissioning the manufacturing to companies like LG, Huawei and Motorola each year when it comes to Nexus devices. Now it seems that Google wants to tighten the noose and curtail the power of the manufacturers by taking complete control over the Nexus lineup.

As per a report, Google wants to follow Apple’s suit and minutely control the various aspect of the production by floating contracts for production of each component. The report from The Information further says that Sunder Pichai has already told his colleagues and outsiders that the company wants to exercise greater degree of control over the smartphones. The report also outlines the fact that HTC would still be gathering its muscles and making this year’s Nexus.

So this is what is going to happen if Google indeed takes complete controls, manufacturers won’t be able to use their name or logo on the phone, further they will also not be able to rebrand a similar phone and introduce it in their line-up, something that Motorola did with the Nexus 6. Google on the other hand wants to make most out of the Nexus and the fact that Apple has been dominating the premium smartphone market is something that further instigates Google.

Nexus devices have always been free spirited in nature, the devices speak volumes of Stock Android capability which seems such a pleasure to experience after the botched up UI’s and bloatware other manufacturers stick with their phones. But building a smartphone end to end is no child play. Google can ask HTC or Sony about that.

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