GIF’s support for WhatsApp has been around the corner, and the Animated GIF folder in our directory is further tantalizing most of us. It’s a known fact that the feature can be switched on in the rooted device, but not all of us prefer to root our devices for the glorious GIF. Android Police has spotted the GIF option enabled on beta version 2.16.242 and it is most likely the feature is also present in the more recent versions.


Now unlike the document option or the call option, the GIF option is not something that would immediately grab your attention, the reason being that it is neatly tucked away in the sub menus. Another caveat is that one cannot still send the GIFs from the gallery or the storage as the app converts actual videos into gifs before sending them. Here is how you can send the GIF; first, go to any of the conversations> click on the attachment option> choose camera> Record Video>after recording click ok.

Now comes the slightly tricky part, after clicking on OK, WhatsApp takes you to the window where in you can crop the video before sending it. Notice the tiny video icon on the top right? Well, a gentle tap on the same will bring alive the GIF option. Pressing on the GIF option will convert the video into GIF and will send it to the contact. While the sent folder still shows the original MP4 format, be assured that the file exchanged is in GIF format. Also, unlike the videos, the GIF files keep on animating in the loop within the conversation thread without the actual need to open.

We do agree that the feature is more of a barebones thing, and WhatsApp seems to be working on the same. It is very likely that in the upcoming iterations, WhatsApp will bring GIF support to the forefront and will also allow users to send GIF files from the gallery. In the meanwhile, in order to get the feature on your phone, either join the Play Store Beta or download the latest APK.

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