Samsung’s Note 7 debacle seems to have taken a new turn with the company reportedly suspending production of the Galaxy Note 7. After the first batch of phones started catching fire and exploding Samsung had replaced the users Note 7 with a new device. Sadly enough, even the replaced Note 7 devices started catching fire and maybe at this point Samsung was just done with the Note 7.

The report regarding Samsung halting Note 7 production is said to be in line with the safety regulators in the US, China, and Korea. It’s most likely that Samsung will themselves announce the news with a greater degree of detail. The things started taking an ugly turn after five replacement phone caught fire and a major chunk of Samsung’s carrier partners said that they would stop selling the phones in entirety.

Samsung has been handling the recall issue with vigour ever since it was first uncovered months ago. Now, the total shutdown of productions is a tell-tale sign of how the company wants to solve the problem and only then move on with the productions. On the other hand, flyers have been warned on the perils of carrying a Note 7 and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) claims that it has already recorded 171 incidents with respect to batteries on the plane since the 91’s.

The Galaxy Note 7 was launched in August this year and the device was lauded by the tech fraternity at that time. After a month Samsung recalled the 1 million Note 7 phones in the U.S after finding out that the lithium-ion batteries might actually explode while charging. The recall entailed the Note 7 customers for a new Note 7 or a complete refund.

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