After years of existence, Microsoft’s legacy Paint app is finally getting a significant makeover. Apart from the design improvements, the company is betting big on 3D objects and imagery with comprehensive native tools for creating three-dimensional content. Paint 3D (that’s the new name) will be a part of Windows 10 Creators update and will roll out sometime in Spring (early 2017) for free.


The most crucial feature of the new Paint application is the ability to modify any 2D image and edit it in a 3D space. In layman’s terms, that translates to an environment where you can, essentially take a normal picture on your phone and add layered textures on Paint providing a three-dimensional paradigm to it. Additionally, these models can be exported directly from Paint and 3D printed if you have the hardware for that. It’s a universal Windows app meaning you can easily use stylus or touch for interacting with its various components. You can further crop, edit, paint on these files. Apart from these additions, the rest of the Paint app is mostly the same with interface upgrades of course. As one would expect, it allows editing multiple images at once if you want. The Paint won’t be eliminating other professional tools available in the market but it surely simplifies 3D modeling at some level, earlier which seemed like an advanced task.


Furthermore, there’s an entirely new community for these sort of projects and digital content from Microsoft integrated with the Paint app, titled “Remix3d”. You can import these templates, share them on Facebook where they’ll actually appear in true 3D (rotatable), and Microsoft has also partnered with Trimble to bring SketchUp creations to the Paint community. Microsoft’s new agendas for making 3D objects more accessible extends to PowerPoint too. There, you’ll be able to add these files to slides and mess around with them during presentations such as zooming in.

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