After announcing the Mi Air Purifier Pro yesterday, Xiaomi has launched yet another new smart home product in China. It’s a portable cuboidal shaped air quality monitor that Lei Jun led firm is referring to as the Xiaomi Mi PM 2.5 detector.

mi pm 2.5 detector

Xiaomi has apparently been teasing this product on Weibo for quite some time and hence it’s overwhelming to see it finally being unveiled. Essentially this may be termed as the best companion gadget for the Mi Air Purifier 2. Unlike, the Mi Air Purifier Pro, the last gen Air Purifier 2 from Xiaomi doesn’t come with an integrated display. Thus you would need to check the real-time air quality via the Mi Smart Home app on your smartphone. This Xiaomi Mi PM 2.5 detector, however, saves you from that hassle.

mi pm 2.5 detector-1

The Xiaomi Mi PM 2.5 detector is a fairly compact device measuring at 62 x 62 x 37mm and weighs just about 100g. Upfront it features a small OLED panel which displays real-time metrics including quality of air, battery life and network strength. The display also comes with the ability to dim the brightness during the night so that it doesn’t hinder your sleep. There’s also a small horizontal line on the upper part of the OLED display that shows three different colors – green, orange and red depending on the condition of the surrounding air. To make this happen, the Xiaomi Mi PM 2.5 detector makes use of a high precision laser sensor to accurately detect the presence of particles with 0.3μm diameter.

mi pm 2.5 detector-2

The smart air quality indicator comes with a feature wherein you can make it function in tandem with either the Mi Air Purifier or Air Purifier 2. Here, the air purifiers from Xiaomi will automatically turn on when the Mi PM 2.5 detector shows a value that’s above the permissible limit. Powering the Xiaomi Mi PM 2.5 detector is a 750mAH battery which boasts of up to 2-3 hours of battery life.

Just like all other Mi smart home products, this too can be controlled via Xiaomi’s proprietary app. This will allow you to remotely monitor the air quality of your home and track historical data. As mentioned before, there’s also an intelligent night mode feature that automatically reduces screen brightness during sleep hours.

xiaomi mi pm detector 2.5

The Mi PM 2.5 detector is now listed on the official Xiaomi website in China for 399 Yuan. It will go on sale starting November 11.

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