Apple caused a furor after it ditched the MagSafe charger port in the latest MacBook Pro. This even rattled the MacBook loyalists who were against the idea of tagging along a bunch of dongles and adapters for their laptop. The Magsafe charger for Apple devices was originally conceived to avoid damage if someone trips on the charging cable as the magnetically coupled connectors will unlatch before causing problems. While we had a handful of accessories (including Griffin’s BreakSafe) that promised to solve this problem not many have been as comprehensive as MagNeo in its approach. MagNeo not only promises to bring back the Magsafe charger but also add extra features like data and video.


MagNeo will bring in new functionalities to the USB Type-C port and is apparently the best USB-C magnetic connector out there, functionality-wise. What’s more, the MagNeo is designed to be used with any device that comes with Type-C USB, including smartphones and tablets. MagNeo is churned out of bead blasted aluminum and comes with a high-grade USB-C Plug that can withstand the daily wear and tear. The power losses at the contact surfaces are minimized by gold plated pogo pins that are rated to last for up to a million cycles.

Furthermore, MagNeo comes with added functionalities and can provide all the USB-C signals required for the new peripherals. Also, unlike most of the other magnetic connectors, Magsafe is rated for up to 100W charging capacity and can transfer 4K video and Thunderbolt 3 speed all the while maintaining the USB-C reversible connector capability.

MagNeo is compatible will all the device that comes with a USB Type-C and that literally includes all the Thunderbolt 3 devices, USB-C hubs, and smartphones with Type-C. This will help a great deal as the outer sheath of most of the USB Type-C cable peels off with prolonged usage and this is something we can totally avoid with MagNeo. The connector is live on Kickstarter and the pledge starts from $19, thankfully the estimated timeframe for delivery is February next year and not too long.

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