Oppo is known for its camera technology especially when it comes to the selfie-centric smartphones like the popular Oppo F1s and the N1. However, at the ongoing MWC, Oppo has announced a new camera technology that will further enhance the imaging capabilities on its phones. Called the 5x, the technology aims at helping Oppo users capture a great deal of detail in the photos.

In essence, the 5x technology encompasses of a dual camera system that makes use of a periscope-like structure in order to divert the light through the prism and make it fall onto an angled telephoto lens. The resulting shift from after the light deviates from its natural path is said to be capable of achieving a very high level of clarity at any zoom level. Moreover, the 5x is also expected to compensate for the vibrations thanks to a two-part optical image stabilization system. The 5x is also said to deliver up to 40 percent of better performance as opposed to the traditional Optical Image Stabilisation. In a nutshell one would get to experience 5x zoom that is lossless and well, Oppo claims that the new technology works flawlessly. The 5x can shape up as a big advantage for Oppo if it works as advertised and this will once again give them a distinctive advantage as far as the Chinese market is concerned.

Oppo has been innovating on several fronts, the VOOC Flash Charge was better than the Qualcomm QuickCharge when it was first announced and so was Oppo’s N1. The N1 was the first smartphone to come equipped with a motorized camera lens. Also, Oppo is known for its vast offline retail channels and perhaps this is one aspect of the Chinese manufacturer that has helped it bag the numero uno spot in China and also perform better in the Indian market. Oppo is also said to be planning its next phase of expansion in emerging markets including India.

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