Wunderlist will be soon becoming obsolete as the team behind it moves to the next venture – Microsoft To-Do. However, most users (including me) have thousands of to-dos and notes stored on leading platforms such as Wunderlist and Todoist. Fortunately, though, Microsoft To-Do does come with a straightforward import option, here’s how to use it.

On the Web

how to import from wunderlist and todoist to microsoft to-do - microsoft todo import web

  • Head over to the Microsoft To-Do web app and log in.
  • Following that, tap your profile picture located on the top left corner.
  • Click “import” and you’ll be redirected to another page. Click “Start importing” there.
  • Select your to-do manager, currently, there are only two options – Wunderlist and Todoist which I think should suffice for the majority of users.
  • Next, you’ll need to select which lists you’d like to import and the process will begin. That’s it.
  • Microsoft To-Do will, in a couple of minutes, import all your lists and even categorize them as they were before.

On the Smartphone or Windows App

how to import from wunderlist and todoist to microsoft to-do - microsoft todo import app

  • If you’re using the smartphone or the Windows app, the process largely remains the same.
  • Fire up the app and in the left navigation bar, click your profile picture.
  • This will lead you to the settings, tap the import option there.
  • You’ll be redirected to a new webpage, sign in, tap “start importing” and select your preferred to-do manager.
  • Select the lists you’d like to import and you’re done!

For the uninitiated, Microsoft To-Do has been developed by the team behind Wunderlist and it aims to become everything Wunderlist couldn’t – smarter and aesthetically more modern. It features all the essential ingredients required in a to-do app such as adding tasks, reminders, deadlines, notes, categories but the cornerstone here is something called “Intelligent Suggestions”. The app is built around achieving your daily goals rather than keeping a track of your lists. Intelligent Suggestions will analyse to-dos from the day before, what’s due or upcoming and provide recommendations based on a “smart algorithm” such as sorting based on priority, how much work is left from the day before and then, you can add items to the My Day list for getting started.

Microsoft To-Do is currently available to download in Preview across all major platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows and the web today.

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