Task managers have been around for a while, and in fact, they are still one of the most common apps utilized by users every day. But let’s face it; smarter innovation is still a rare sight in this sector. Microsoft wants to change that, and it is doing so with the launch of an entirely new app intuitively titled – Microsoft To-Do.

microsoft to-do is an intelligent task management app by the team behind wunderlist - to do preview 2

The team behind Wunderlist has developed Microsoft To-Do, the Berlin-based startup acquired by the Redmond giant two years ago. To-Do aims to become everything Wunderlist couldn’t – smarter and aesthetically more modern. It features all the essential ingredients required in a to-do app, such as adding tasks, reminders, deadlines, notes, and categories, but the cornerstone here is something called “Intelligent Suggestions.” Unfortunately, though, you’ll have to use a Microsoft account to sign up, and I hate to tell you this, but it’s still a terrible experience.

microsoft to-do is an intelligent task management app by the team behind wunderlist - to do preview 3

Microsoft To-Do is built around achieving your daily goals rather than keeping track of your lists. Hence, whenever in the morning you launch the app, it shows an empty My Day list that contains all the tasks due on that particular day. You can add more, view the previous ones, or press the little bulb icon, which will invoke Intelligent Suggestions. It will analyze to-dos from the day before, what’s due or upcoming, and provide recommendations based on a “smart algorithm,” such as sorting based on priority and how much work is left from the day before. Then, you can add items to the My Day list for getting started.

Moreover, To-Do is deeply integrated with Office 365 and hence, automatically syncs with Outlook. Microsoft says it comes with “advanced security,” and the data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Of course, Microsoft cannot maintain two separate to-do applications but don’t worry, Wunderlist isn’t becoming obsolete. The company mentions on its blog, “Once we are confident that we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do, we will retire Wunderlist.”

Microsoft To-Do is currently available to download in Preview across all major platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows and the web today.

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