Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 S along with the Surface Laptop earlier this week and also explained how the company would position itself in the education sector. Next week, Microsoft is scheduled to hold the Build 2017 developer conference and is expected to make yet another big announcement. This is what the company had to say “we will show the world what’s next.”

microsoft teases a surface device for the build 2017 event in shanghai - microsoft lumia
This leaves us wondering what might be in Microsoft’s pipeline that the company is boasting about? Well for starters the Tweets by Panos Pranay contained the Surface hashtag. Also, the venue of the event is Shanghai instead of New York. In all likelihood, Microsoft may be lining up the Surface Pro 5 which will come with an update to Kabylake but apart from that we are left with no options but to presume that perhaps the announcement has something to do with the mixed reality.

Microsoft had announced last year that it would be announcing VR headset in the first half of the 2017 and maybe the time has finally come. The new Surface Pro 5 is also expected to come with USB-C and if all goes well we might also be treated to a refreshed Surface Book. At this juncture, I can’t help but let my mind wander over the thoughts of Surface Phone, yes the much touted about Surface Phone is no more being talked about and if Microsoft unveils the Surface Phone during the Build 2017 it’s going to be one heck of an event.

Of course all of the above is nothing more than an educated guess, it’s only on the day of the event we will come to know what Microsoft has in store for us. Microsoft may also reveal new laptops that come powered by Windows 10 S. All of the updates with respect to the Build 2017 event will be shared by Microsoft on its event site.

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