Windows 10 S is a light Windows version that is expected to take on the nimble Chrome OS. Microsoft announced the Windows 10 S a month ago and ever since the bone of contention has been the fact how the operating system prevents users from installing apps that are not yet on the Windows Store. The sandboxed environment further ruffled some feathers when we realized that the most popular browser the Google Chrome would not be supported by the Windows 10S.

Well, Microsoft has been clear on how one could just opt for a Windows 10 Pro upgrade for free (if upgraded within a year, else $49 after that) but this defies the very purpose of going in for a Windows 10 S powered system. That being said, I knew from the very beginning that there would be a workaround for the sandboxed environment in the Windows 10 S and it has finally arrived.

Citrix is a company best known for its virtual computer offerings. The company in its recently held event at Orlando has announced a Citrix receiver app for Windows, and this will apparently allow Windows 10S users to install Win32 apps on the operating system. This means that one could run all of the critical apps on Windows 10 S.

Citrix Receiver is a Windows Universal app and will be available across several devices and will also support. With the Citrix Receiver app in place, Windows 10 S users can also use the Chrome browser. The receiver will also offer full-fledged support for touch, gestures, zoom and also drag and drop. The Citrix receiver, however, comes with its own caveats one being the need to be connected all the time and it’s still unclear whether this version of Receiver supports full screen or not. Also, setting up a Citrix Receiver is not that easy and can be quite a task for novice users. On a related note, OEM’s will soon be unveiling a range of laptop that runs on Windows 10 S starting from less than $200.


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