Scanning documents on a smartphone is not something new and over the years we have witnessed a slew of apps with the promise of scanning documents. My personal favourite has been the Office Lens closely followed by the CamScanner. Adobe has been lately focussing on its mobile products and now it has released Adobe Scan, a new text recognition software for smartphones that scans the documents and converts the same into a PDF.

adobe scan is a free document scanner app with optical character recognition - adobe scan e1496301178192
The app makes use of your rear camera to scan the documents and before all of that Adobe requires you to signup and login to the Adobe account. Once the app is opened it will take you to the viewfinder and the takes a few seconds to detect the document. Here is a small niggle though, one needs to ensure that the edges of the documents are visible while scanning else the app will fail to detect the document.

The post processing options kind of seem minimal as opposed to the Camscanner but Adobe Scan does include all the essential ones. The reordering feature lets you arrange the pages of your scans while the colour option will let you convert the scan into greyscale and whiteboard. I even tried scanning handwritten documents and the result was satisfying. Contrast is maintained as expected with no dark shades in the scan. Also, all your documents can be stored on the Adobe Cloud which is a plus point if you are using the Adobe suite of products.

Adobe scan offers the usual bevvy of sharing options and will let you save the file on Cloud and locally as well. The app is up on Google Play Store and also on the Apple App Store. As of now, the Adobe Scan is free of cost and all you need to do is register with Adobe.


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