After years of existence, Nova finally added one of the most requested features to its Android launcher – a universal search that goes beyond apps. The company partnered with another app called Sesame Shortcuts allowing the launcher to accumulate results from inside other apps as well directly. For instance, you can search for a contact’s WhatsApp chat or open your recent activity on Google Play Music. The process for setting it up, though, can feel a tad complicated if you aren’t used to it. Here’s how to get started.

how to add a universal search to nova launcher - sesame search

First and foremost, head over to the play store and make sure you have the updated beta version of Nova Launcher. If you are not a beta user yet, enroll here. Next, you need to download Sesame Shortcuts which is a free app as well. Once you’re done, fire up the Sesame app and go through the initial steps where you’ll be required to grant a few permissions. Now, head into Nova Launcher’s settings, and then, tap the “Sesame Shortcuts”. While this should be enabled by default, turn the first option on for integrating Sesame’s deep link engine.

how to add a universal search to nova launcher - nova sesame howto

That’s about it. Now, whenever you tap the home button or search from the app drawer, Nova will show results from Sesame. One other setting I turned on was a gesture to trigger search whenever I swipe down on the home screen. For this, you’ll have to configure the “Swipe down” gesture to open “App Search” in Nova’s “Gestures and Inputs” settings.

In case you’d like to customize what apps and shortcuts show up in this search, fire up the Sesame Shortcuts app on your phone. There, you can specifically modify the app shortcuts, turn them off individually and even add new ones. For instance, for Google Play Music, you can add search queries which will then instantly get executed whenever you tap the shortcut. Similarly, you can do it for Netflix’s TV shows or movies.

Sesame Shortcuts is technically a free app, however, after a period of fourteen days, you will have to deal with a reminder every time you use it or pay a one time fee of $2.99. For a more detailed look at how it works, check out the video we’ve attached down below.

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