Reliance Jio’s complimentary entertainment apps have attained a prominent place on our smartphones in the past year. However, like every dirt-cheap service out there, they come with a deceptive catch — a ploy you probably have encountered already, but either couldn’t figure out where it came from or just ignored it by simply pressing the home button. Yes, I’m talking about those random full-screen advertisements which pop up even when a Jio app is not active in the background on your Android phone.

Jio’s apps have cunningly enabled a permission which essentially allows themselves to overlay content on any other application. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are using them or not. The fix is quite straightforward, though. You merely need to disable the permission setting for each app that belongs to Jio’s suite of services such as JioMusic, JioTV, JioCinema, and others. Unfortunately, you’ll have to repeat the process for every one of them.

annoyed by those full-screen pop-up ads from jio apps? here's how to disable them - jio popup disable

To do so, head into your phone’s settings and tap the “apps” option. Next, click the Jio app of your choice and at the bottom, you’ll find “draw over other apps” under the advanced section. Switch that setting to “No”, and you’re done. This process can be different depending on your Android version and OEM skin. Usually, the option can also be hidden inside the three dots menu present on the top. If you’re still unable to situate it, drop a comment down below.

It’s quite bewildering as to how Jio managed to enable this flag without throwing an explicit permission alert like other applications which require it, such as Truecaller. Perhaps, Android has a loophole which needs to be addressed immediately. Interestingly, these pop-ups don’t appear when you’re operating on any of the Jio apps. That’s probably because the company wants to maintain a clean interface for their own apps. The majority of users aren’t even aware of this and in most cases, believe that they are pushed out by other non-Jio apps since the alerts appear randomly.

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