Apple debuted its watchOS 4 at the WWDC earlier this year. At its yearly Keynote held at the Steve Jobs Theater, Tim Cook announced the brand new Apple Watch Series 3. It is powered by none other than the watchOS 4. So, here are 4 cool new features of watchOS 4. Apple has apparently paid a deep focus on fitness and health while designing the new watchOS and that’s pretty evident from these top Apple watchOS 4 features.

top apple watch os 4 features

New Smart Activity Coaching

With watchOS4 you can now track your fitness activities more effectively. It now comes with a completely redesigned workout app called Smart Activity coaching. The app basically tries to motivate you by intelligently notifying you about your daily activity. Furthermore, it set up activity challenges for you and periodically gives you reports about your progress. The Smart Activity coaching app also has new features built exclusively for swimmers.

apple watchos 4

Improved Heart Rate App

The Cupertino giant claim that its Apple Watch is the most used heart rate monitor in the world. Naturally, certain enhancements were called for in the Heart Rate app. It now appears right on the watch face and shows details of your resting and recovery heart rate. Additionally, the new Heart Rate app in watchOS 4 notifies you regarding elevated heart rate. It provides you activity alert when it sees you idle for a long period of time.

top apple watchos 4 features

Can Now Detect Cardiac Arrhythmia

The updated Heart Rate app is capable of detecting irregular heartbeats which are medically referred to as Cardia Arrhythmia. It is a common incidence among heart patients, and can really come in handy for them. This is by far the best among the top Apple watchOS features. Additionally, Apple is planning to incorporate the ability to detect Atrial Fibrillation in watchOS 4. To top thing up, Apple has announced an Apple Heart Study which plans to utilize the heart rate data collection from its app and use it for medical research. For this Apple is collaborating with Stanford and FDA.

Supports Bigger Passcode Keys

Apple watchOS 4 comes with support for bigger passcode keys. This is a great move in terms of enhancing the safety of the Apple Watch. For those unaware, Passcode keys on your Apple Watch allow you to do a ton of things including making payments using Apple Pay.

apple watchos 4 passcode


The Apple watchOS 4 will roll out to ALL Apple Watch devices starting September 19.

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