Honor View 10 is now getting the most awaited update which not only enables the Face Unlock, a feature which the company missed during the launch, but it also brings improvements for the camera and new security patches as well.

ota update for honor view 10 brings face unlock, camera improvements and ai features - honor view 10 update

Let’s get straight to the changelog:

Face Unlock:

You can now enable this setting by going to Settings > Security & privacy > Face Unlock. This can be used for both unlocking the phone or just see the notification. It also makes sure that it cannot be used when eyes are closed.

What’s news with Camera?

Change Background when using AR Lens Mode: AR Lens mode is a special mod of camera which allows you to put objects on faces in real time. Now, this mode also enables you to change the background.

AI Motion Detection: You can now take out a still image of the motion picture. Motion Picture or Living Images take short video clip using picture mode.

Super Resolution Imaging: When using Zoom, Camera AI will use its super-resolution algorithm to bring detailed enhancement to make pictures clear.

AI Zoom: It increases snapshot quality.

Other Changes

VOLTE: Vodafone VOLTE is implemented.

Intelligent Screen on: Screen timeout is disabled when you are looking at the screen, but not using it. This is super useful when your idle timeout for the screen is as slow as 30 seconds.

Google Security Patches: Google security patches hare merged to make the phone more secure. No details on the versions, and other key points.

That said, make sure to backup all your data, text messages, etc which you cannot restore. While nothing should actually happen, and your data should remain intact, but its always a good idea to back it up.

Go to Settings > System > System Update > Check for the Update. You will get an updated version “BKL-L09 which is of 602 MB in size.

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