Foldable and portable drones are not something new, and we have seen good examples of this form factor before. A new Kickstarter Project promises to simplify autonomous drones with LeveTop. The LeveTop is an autonomous folding drone. The Levetop comes in a cylindrical shape much similar to the Google Hub or the bigger Amazon Echo speakers.

The makers like to call the LeveTop “an intelligent” drone, and the functionality is mostly focussed on capturing high-quality photographs by making use of autonomous GPS tracking. This drone comes equipped with a digital camera with CMOS sensor. The stabilized camera offers a 120-degree FOV, a feature that will come in handy to shoot panoramas and larger landscapes.

That being said, the drone doesn’t come with a separate controller and can be controlled using the smartphone app. Interestingly, one can maneuver the drone by making use of the accelerometer on the smartphones. Once set, the LeveTop will ensure that you are in its field of view and will follow you accordingly. The makers of this drone do understand the need to share your memories, and it is for this reason they have integrated their device with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Just imagine how cool it would be to designate the LeveTop drone as your personal photographer. Next time someone is getting left out of a groupfie, the LeveTop will come to your rescue. The AI backed algorithm makes sure that no one is left out of the frame and all the elements are captured properly. These folks seem to have made some big changes when it comes to the controls. Not only is it easy to fly the LeveTop but in case of obstacles or a crowd of people all you need to do is press the “Emergency” button, the drone will pilot itself to the takeoff position.

levetop is an autonomous folding drone with stabilized fhd camera and 20min flight time - levetop 2

The geo-fence feature will help keep your drone within the predefined area. This not only ensures that the drone will not fly beyond the range but will also ensure that it doesn’t wander into the “No-Fly” zones. The wing arms fold into the body, and the drone can be carried around easily. Each charge cycle is rated to offer a flight time of 20min with maximum speeds of 54km/h. The Kickstarter pledge starts at $139 and this price the drone seems like a good value for money proposition. The estimated shipping date is Jun 2018, and the project has already crossed the pledge goal.

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