Have you been purposefully delaying tasks or things so that you can do them later? Have you been a victim of the internet, a thing that lures you with funny cat videos and “binge-worthy” Netflix streams? Well, until now, I have tried out an array of apps that aim at helping improve productivity, and the result has been dismal at best. Earlier today, I was scouting for a MacOS app that would help me address things that get sidetracked, and a productivity app called Effortless seems to fit the bill perfectly.

effortless is a mac productivity tool that helps you ward off the evils of procrastination - effortless 1

Unlike tools like Time Rescue, Effortless is the bare minimum in nature, and it doesn’t offer fancy features like a pie chart that shows where and when you have wasted your time. Instead, the program employs a more simplistic approach. The app makes great use of the top menu bar on the Mac and a rudimentary editor for adding up the tasks.

First things first, the program is portable, which means that you don’t need to install Effortless and instead can carry it on a thumb drive and use it on any Mac PC. After running the file, you will get an all-black editor window, yes, like the one shown above. It is here that you can add the tasks along with a deadline. As soon as you press to enter, the task appears on the Top Menu bar, and the countdown timer kicks in.

effortless is a mac productivity tool that helps you ward off the evils of procrastination - effortless 3

Mac users can also create multiple items in the list and switch between the tasks. Switching between the task is easy. All you need to do is press “Command+Task 1” here “1” refers to the task number. Users can also right-click on the timer and toggle between the tasks. You can also add “5 minutes” to the task and thus extend the deadline, or you can mark the task as “Complete” or even pause the task. While switching from one task to another, the countdown timer will be saved for every task and will continue from its previous time.

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Time tracking is a crucial aspect of freelancing, and with Effortless, you can view the total time spent working. The Effortless calculates not only the daily minutes but also the weekly minutes spent on working. That being said, I wish the program offered a couple of other handy features. For instance, it would have been useful if Effortless offered a feature to change the unit of time from minutes to hours, and perhaps a feature to set personal work goals would have been great as well.

Wrapping it up, the Effortless is a free and lite tool that will help you stay on track. The countdown timer is compelling, and it managed to keep me on my toes. If you are on the lookout for an app that would help you ward off the evils of procrastination, then Effortless is definitely worth a try.

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