Xiaomi is perhaps the only tech company that keeps us on tenterhooks on weekly basis. The Xiaomi-backed crowdfunding programs constantly surprise us with the array of new quirky products. This time around, Smartmi has launched a Fresh Air system. The fresh air system takes a step beyond traditional air purifiers and provides oxygen and is also said help battle the moths. All of this is available at an impressive price tag or 1,499 Yuan ($237)

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Designwise, the Smartmi Fresh Air system resembles a water purifier and needs to be wall mounted. Rated air volume of 220m3/h makes it suitable for a room with area ranging from 10-50 meters. The Smartmi Fresh Air System sucks in the natural air, and after removing the pollutants and other harmful particles, it blows back air that is rich in Oxygen. Interestingly, you don’t need to close the doors and windows since the Fresh Air System will purify the air entering your living space with the help of its multiple filters.

As far as specifics are concerned, the Smartmi Fresh Air system uses a downward facing centrifugal fan. This is intended to create a downward force which flushes out the impurities in the air. The brushless DC motor is aimed at ensuring silent operation while the triple filtration system is capable of filtering PM2.5 and other dust particles. That apart the device lacks physical controls but it still offers an LCD display with the vitals on it.

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The Xiaomi Smartmi Fresh Air System is controlled via the touch buttons on display. Additional settings can be accessed via the smartphone companion app. The Fresh Air system also comes equipped with a silent operation mode that doubles up as an energy saver mode. The Smartmi Fresh Air System can be backed on Youpin, and the product is expected to start shipping on 10th of this month.

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