You usually have two options when you come across something interesting on the interwebs. You either attend it immediately or save it for later through any of the gazillion services available out there (like Pocket, Instapaper etc). Both of these have their own set of shortcomings — the struggle to avoid procrastination in the former’s case and your weak memory in the latter. Okay, that was a little harsh but it’s true, at least in my experience.

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Fortunately, I’ve discovered a solution that manages to find the perfect middle ground. It’s called “Snooze Tabby”, a free extension for Chrome, Firefox and as the name clearly suggests, it lets you snooze browser tabs. Therefore, whenever you come across a link you don’t have the time to read or watch, Snooze Tabby simply allows you to configure a time period for when you’d like to revisit it.

Once the clock hits the defined hour, Snooze Tabby will automatically reopen the tab for you. It can even switch to that particular tab as soon as the time expires. You can, of course, enable an option to add a confirmation before the extension does that. Although you’ll be back to square one if you do that, honestly unless you’re not an aggressive procrastinator like me.

snooze browser tabs with this free chrome and firefox extension - snooze tabby 2 1Snooze Tabby also comes with a clean interface with a bunch of presets and if you’d like to edit the tabs you’ve snoozed, there’s a list for that as well. In addition to that, the extension has an option for custom timings if you have a specific preference.

Snooze Tabby is certainly the type of add-on I didn’t know I needed until I began employing it. Apart from snoozing articles and videos, I also use it for reminding me to do any pending chore such as paying off bills, booking a ticket, what have you. Snooze Tabby is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for free. You can download it from the link mentioned down below.

Download Snooze Tabby

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