Amazon has introduced a new way of shopping for its Prime Members residing in the US. The e-commerce giant has now introduced “try before you buy”, a service wherein buyers can try out clothes before buying the same. The service will be gradually rolled out to other regions as well. Amazon was running the pilot for quite some time now and the project has finally come out of beta and available for all Prime subscribers in the US.

amazon prime wardrobe comes out of beta and available for all prime subscribers in the us - amazon prime wardrobe

The Prime Wardrobe is Amazon’s answer to the other personalized shopping services. The biggest downside of online shopping for clothes is the size/fit issues. With the ‘try before you buy’ service, one can order several apparels/accessories at once, try it and return the rest. Amazon will allow you to fill the box with at least three items and a maximum of eight items at a time. Buyers will get a time window of one week to try the clothes and keep the ones that fit the best.

The Prime Wardrobe will cover apparels for Women, Men, children and also babies. That being said, unlike other personalized services, the Prime Wardrobe will not offer stylists. When it comes to dresses and other apparels, a majority of us find an issue with fits. The issues crop up only once we try the dresses and so does the quality of workmanship. Meanwhile, its worth noting that not all of the dresses are available for “try before you buy”.

Needless to say, the service will lean towards Amazon private label clothing. However, some of the other brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Fossil, Puma, Disney, and Lacoste are also covered under this new buy option. Apparently, Amazon has already received a positive response during its trial with women buying denim, Men buying shirts, jeans, and casual pants. We are pretty sure that Amazon will extend the ‘try and buy’ offer for a wider range of apparels in the near future.

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