Instagram has launched a new video hub for its creators. Called “IGTV,” the hub will allow Instagram creators to upload longer videos. Currently, the social media platform restricts the users to a 1-minute video. With the IGTV feature in place, Instagram creators will get a chance to upload videos that range from 15 seconds to 60 minutes.

instagram launches igtv, a hub for creators to upload videos as long as 60 minutes - instagram igtv

Instagram is mostly focused on celebrities that made it big by using Instagram as an outreach platform. In other words, the focus is more on homegrown celebrities rather than traditional ones. Apart from helping Instagram increase its engagement, the newer videos will also shift the spotlight on the creators. Perhaps this will help the creators leverage their reach in a whole new way.

The IGTV hub can also be accessed via a standalone app. This app will let you watch long-form vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators. Thankfully you can also access the videos on the Instagram app, but if you prefer separating the two, then the IGTV standalone app will come in handy. We have seen companies like Netflix experiment with the vertical format.

instagram launches igtv, a hub for creators to upload videos as long as 60 minutes - instagram igtv 1

This is how the IGTV app works; the videos will be stacked up automatically and will autoplay once you open the app. The content curation is mostly done by the algorithm and will be based on your interests. Other content catalogs include “For You,” “Following,” “Popular,” and “Continue Watching.” The channels of all the Instagrammers you follow will automatically pop up on the IGTV app. Since the videos will come with link-out options, the creators can share the same on other social platforms. Instagram will likely introduce a revenue-sharing program for its creators, but the company is yet to announce anything of this sort.

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On a related note, it is worth mentioning that Instagram now has 1-Billion active users and is adding 100 million users every month. Unlike Facebook that went full throttle on advertising, Instagram seems to be testing a different version. They are trying to promote their creators and eventually introduce a revenue sharing program, similar to what YouTube did.

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