Artificial Intelligence or AI is the new buzzword in the smartphone world and every single manufacturer seems to be using it excessively to market their products. AI camera, AI battery and what not. Xiaomi too has jumped onto the bandwagon and has launched its open source AI project, MACE, to help developers take part and develop AI based apps or features. MACE stands for Mobile AI Compute Engine, which was officially announced back in December 2017.xiaomi encourages ai development with its open source mace platform - xiaomi mace d

MACE is designed to optimize mobile chips to support AI based tasks and has support for heterogeneous computing acceleration (CPU/GPU/DSP), TensorFlow/Caffe model, and multiple SoCs from well-known silicon manufacturers like Qualcomm and MediaTek. Currently, MACE is utilized to provide some AI based features like scene detection in the camera and portrait mode, to name a few, in Xiaomi devices. MIUI 10 also has some AI features like Xiaomi’s own voice assistant built-in which makes use of the MACE technology.

As stated by Cui Baoqui, Vice president of Xiaomi’s Artificial Intelligence and cloud platform, embracing an open source approach towards AI development is an important part of Xiaomi’s engineering culture. In an era of cloud computing and increasing use of AI in tech, Xiaomi hopes to use this platform to empower the Chinese Artificial Intelligence industry and enhance the strength of China’s AI with its peers so that everyone can enjoy and utilize the benefits of AI in everyday life, be it in smartphones or through home automation or any other gadget.

AI seems to be garnering a whole lot of attention of late, with chip makers implementing dedicated Neural Processing Units or NPUs in the chipsets in order to make it AI capable. We just have to wait to see till what point AI takes us in terms of automation, and with technology growing rapidly each day, we might have something else to complement AI that could go hand in hand and ease the work that we humans do.

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