If you use an Android smartphone and you type or text on it (duh, you obviously do), chances are that you use Google’s stock keyboard application, which is Gboard. Of course, there are plenty other options for a third-party keyboard like Swiftkey which are equally popular, but Gboard comes pre-installed on most Android devices so that ideally becomes the first choice right out of the box.

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While there aren’t too many customization options available on Gboard other than the ability to change the background image of the keyboard or to add/remove key borders, there are some neat features that it packs like the ability to directly search a term that you’ve typed on Google, or look up nearby places of interest right from your keyboard. A new addition to this is highlighting of misspelled words which is a welcome move.

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Applications like Microsoft Word on PC underline a word you’ve misspelled to indicate to you that it needs to be corrected. This feature is really handy when you’re typing an article like this which is fairly lengthy and you would naturally expect a few typos, which can be avoided if your errors are highlighted.

This feature has now made its way to Gboard and is termed as “Spell check” which can be toggled on or off from the “Text Correction” menu under Gboard Settings. This is not a beta feature so you do not have to download a separate APK file or enroll for any beta program to be able to use this new update. Just head to the Play Store and update your existing application and you will be able to find the toggle in the settings menu.

For those of you who do not use autocorrect or send messages in a colloquial language, this feature can be extremely handy to verify your spellings before you send a message, or stated earlier, if you use your smartphone to type a lot of content, you’ll surely appreciate this feature.

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