The Apple Watch is probably the sole flagbearer of wearables that still turns plenty of heads, thanks to its seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, and the stagnancy of Android wearables to match up to what Apple has to offer has surely helped it too. We now have the series 4 Apple Watch, so let’s see what’s new and if at all there are any considerable improvements over the last-gen series 3.

apple watch series 4: what's new? - apple watch

The Series 4 Apple Watch now focuses more on the health aspect of users and introduces tons of new health and fitness related features, so let’s take a look at them along with some other nifty additions.

Health-Related Features

For starters, the Apple Watch series 4 can now detect unusual heart rates and notify you regarding the same. So, if your rate is detected to be unusually high or low for a prolonged time, you will be notified regarding the same along with a detailed record which can then be presented in front of a doctor.

Speaking about health, the series 4 Apple Watch now supports an Electrocardiogram or commonly known as an ECG. By using electrodes along with an optical heart rate scanner, you can now just place your finger on the crown and have your ECG done on your wrist!


Moving on to cosmetics, the major change comes in terms of the display which is now curved and is edge-to-edge and according to Apple, is 30% larger while still maintaining a similar form factor as the series 3. It’s also thinner now, and the mic has been relocated opposite to the speaker to avoid echo. And of course, the red dot on the crown has now been turned into a ring, in case you were wondering.


In terms of performance, the new series 4 Apple Watch now uses Apple’s own S4 chip which is a dual-core 64 bit CPU claimed to be up to 2x faster than the previous gen.


Safety is something Apple really emphasized on during the launch, and the series 4 Apple Watch has some handy safety and emergency features baked in. Firstly, if you suffer a fall while on the move, the Apple Watch can now detect it automatically. To add to this, the Apple watch will dial an emergency number if you’re immobile for over a minute which can be extremely handy in terms of emergencies. It’s also FDA certified, so that’s a plus.


Apart from these major improvements, there are a few nifty features that may go unnoticed. The watch is swim proof, has built-in GPS along with an LTE option, you can now have contacts on your watchface to connect with your friends instantly, the crown now supports haptic feedback for precise selection and scrolling, the speaker is said to be 50% louder and finally, Apple claims a major improvement in wireless reception.

The new series 4 Apple Watch will go on sale starting at $399 for the GPS variant and the Cellular model will start at $499.

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