Google has finally launched Google Shopping in India today. Google Shopping is a service started by Google way back in the year 2002, which allows users to search and compare the prices and availability of products across various online stores on the internet. The step comes from Google in India at a time when a lot of people are getting started with online shopping or the internet, in general. The service is available in two different forms – ‘Shopping Home Page’ and ‘Shopping Tab’ in Google Search.

google shopping launched in india - google shopping

With the ‘Shopping Tab’ available on Google Search, users can search for any product across any category, and the results will get displayed on a separate tab, next to Images, News, Videos. On tapping the ‘Shopping’ tab, users can get personalized shopping offers, pricing, and recommendations from various retailers. Additionally, users can post any queries that they happen to come across in both, English and Hindi.

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If you do not wish to go that route and want an isolated shopping experience without any distractions, you can check out the ‘Shopping Home Page‘ from Google. It is an independent site that has products curated across various categories, ranging from Electronics, Books, Watches, Clothing, etc. In addition to that, Google also helps you by suggesting products across categories like Top Deals, Popular Phones, Popular on Google, etc.

google shopping launched in india - shopping homepage

Google will soon be integrating Google Shopping experience with Google Lens, which would allow users to search for any product using their camera and find the same/similar product on Google Shopping, without having to leave the app. Google Shopping can also be accessed using a Desktop and is also present in the form of a PWA (Progressive Web App).

Talking about the retailers, Google has created a page, called ‘Merchant Centre‘, where retailers across the world can come and upload product details for their products without having to pay any fee. It wasn’t free for these retailers and merchants until Google was found guilty last year, for pushing its products over other retailers and merchants, and was therefore charged by the EU Commission with a fine of €2.4 billion. In addition to making the service free, Google has also added support for the Hindi language to make it easier for retailers and merchants.

Here’s what the Vice President – Product Management of Google had to say about the launch of Google Shopping in India, “More than 40 million Indians are coming online every year, and search is an integral part of their online journey. From seasoned desktop shoppers to first-time users with entry-level smartphones, we hope this new shopping experience will make finding what people are looking for just a little bit easier.

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