Along with a few other smart additions to the already plenty smart Google Assistant, the Assistant Connect feature has been announced at CES this year and what it aims to do is bring the ability and power of Google Assistant to more devices used in day-to-day life in an inexpensive manner.

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Google Assistant Connect can help you connect almost all your devices to one another and use information from Google Assistant in order to work. It is a platform to expand to new device types while making device setup and discovery simple for people. What this means is Google wants manufacturers to make new kinds of smart devices which can use the Google Assistant as the brain in order to help with the day-to-day activities of the user.

Google describes this with an example that if a brand or partner manufactures a standalone e-ink display which is simple and affordable, it can be used as a simple calendar that also shows the weather forecast for each day or as a to-do list, while using Assistant Connect in order to fetch the information from your linked Google Home smart speaker. Google Assistant takes care of the computing as all your information including calendar events and daily weather and reminders are synced to your Google account while the device or appliance is used as a medium to fetch your information from the assistant.

While Google has not announced when this platform and feature will be rolled out to consumers or to device manufacturers, it is said to be made available later this year to device manufacturers who can then start implementing it into their products. The concept seems to be really interesting as we might be able to see more mundane devices like clocks or calendars at home become smart and stay connected to one another.

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