For all the fitness enthusiasts with an iOS device, here’s a piece of good news. Google has just introduced its fitness app, Google Fit, available on Android for a long time, on iOS. The app had been redesigned for Android last year, and now it has finally made its way to iOS. It comes integrated with Apple Health and Apple Watch to allow you to keep better track of your fitness goals. Additionally, it also comes with two smart activity goals: Move Minutes and Heart Points.

google finally brings google fit app for ios with apple watch integration - google fit

According to the search engine giant, both Move Minutes and Heart Points help people build smarter and healthier habits throughout the day. The concept behind the two features works something like this:

  • The more you move, the more Move Minutes you earn, and
  • The more intensely you move, the more Heart Points you earn

The goal behind achieving more points is that the more Heart Points you earn, the closer you get to reaching AHA (American Heart Association) and WHO’s (World Health Organization) recommended amount of weekly physical activity to get fit. To keep track of your points, you can always get back to the ‘Journal’ to get your progress on both the activity goals and see for yourself the difference that you can make on your health by performing the activities.

When it comes to tracking your overall progress, things are not as complicated as they may sound, and irrespective of which apps or devices you use to monitor fitness, sleep, and general well-being, Google Fit has got your back. Google says that apps like Sleep Cycle, Nike Run Club, and Headspace, which people use to connect to Apple Health, sync with the Google Fit app to give a comprehensive look at your health, in addition to Heart Points and Move Minutes that you earn by performing various activities. The company also says that irrespective of the fitness device that a person uses, be it an Apple Watch or a Wear OS watch by Google, Google Fit keeps track of all the workout activities.

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