Microsoft’s association with gaming accessories dates as back as 23 years. When in the year 1996, it launched the first IntelliMouse, which turned out to be a gamechanger in the industry and followed subsequent updates to improve its performance. Until very recently, a couple of years back, it launched the Classic IntelliMouse, which introduced a faster tracking sensor, improvements to the feel of the buttons, and the return of the iconic tail light. And now, it is back with the all-new Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse that claims to offer increased performance, modern gaming features, and more customization for work and play.

microsoft pro intellimouse with faster tracking sensor and other improvements announced - microsoft pro intellimouse

The all-new Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse builds upon the history of the mouse lineups and retains all the fundamentals of the IntelliMouse. It features an ergonomic design, which has been a part of the earlier models as well, to offer a better experience for users to do it for regular work, as well, as for gaming. The keep the experience more friendly and simple the mouse uses a wired connection over wireless, to avoid the need for a dongle. Microsoft says the mouse is designed to make it easy to maneuver, with its carefully calculated weight, stability, and control.

Microsft Pro IntelliMouse Specifications

  • Interface: USB 2.0 full speed compatible
  • Buttons: 5 buttons (3 customizable) including left and right click and scroll wheel button (Button customization not supported on Windows 10 S)
  • Mouse report rate: 1000 reports per second, user configurable with MKC software installed
  • Tracking technology: PixArt PAW3389PRO-MS
  • Tracking speed: up to 400” (10,160 mm) per second
  • Compatibility: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 S/8.1/8/7

Microsft Pro IntelliMouse Pricing and Availability

The Microsft Pro IntelliMouse comes in two colors: Shadow Black and Shadow White. It is now available for sale in Canada and the United States through Microsoft Store for $59.99, with other markets and retailers in Europe and Asia beginning in July.

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