Reliance Jio, which has now become India’s biggest telecom operator and second-biggest telco globally (in a single country) has now set its sights on home broadband service in the country. After teasing the Jio Fiber service since long, Reliance has now officially announced the launch date for the same. Jio Fiber will go commercial across India starting Sep 5th, 2019, which will be the third anniversary of Jio’s commercial launch.

reliance jio fiber home broadband with free 4k led tv and 4k set top box to go live on sep 5th 2019 - jiofiber

At the 42nd annual general meeting in Mumbai, Reliance Industries chairman, Mr Mukesh Ambani, made a series of stunning announcements around Reliance Jio and Jio Fiber Home broadband services. Here is a list of announcements:

Reliance Jio Fiber Details

  • The base plan of Reliance Jio Fiber will have a speed of 100Mbps and will cost Rs 700 per month. Mr Ambani stated that the average speed of home broadband services in the US is around 90Mbps and India will soon have access to high-speed home broadband very soon.
  • The Jio Fiber plans will go up to Rs 10,000 at the highest end and will come with 1Gbps speeds. Full details of Jio Fiber plans will be available before Sep 5th, 2019.
  • All Jio Fiber plans will come with a FREE landline phone along with FREE voice calls (local+STD).
  • Jio Fiber plans will come bundled with most of OTT subscriptions. This would obviously include Jio’s own set of apps like Jio TV, Jio Cinema etc. and other third party apps whose details are still awaited.
  • A new feature called “First Day First Show” will be made available to all Jio Fiber users where people will be able to watch some movies right from home on the day of their release. This should go live in mid-2020.
  • Mr Ambani also announced that Reliance will be setting up Pan-India edge nodes for CDN. This should greatly reduce buffering and latency for OTT streaming apps. Jio will be partnering with Microsoft Azure for Pan-India datacenters.
  • During the ongoing testing phase, Reliance Jio Fiber has generated 15 million registrations of interest across 1600 towns across India. Jio Fiber plans to reach 20 million residences and 15 million business establishments in these 1600 towns.
  • While the Jio Fiber roll-out will begin on Sep 5, the complete network rollout is expected to take another 12 months.
  • Jio Fiber users will have access to virtual reality content, multi=party video conferencing, voice-enabled virtual assistants, multiplayer gaming, home security and smart home solutions.
  • Jio Fiber’s 4K Set Top Box will be able to accept broadcast signal from LCO partner cable operators like Hathway and DEN network.

Jio Fiber Welcome Plan

reliance jio fiber home broadband with free 4k led tv and 4k set top box to go live on sep 5th 2019 - jio fiber welcome offer

Mr Mukesh Ambani also announced a new Jio Fiber Welcome Plan which will go live on Sep 5th 2019. On these specific annual “Jio Forever” plans, Reliance will provide a FREE HD or 4K LED TV alongside a FREE 4K Set-Top Box to its users to get the best out of the high-speed Jio Fiber broadband service.

We still await intrinsic details like how much these Jio Fiber Welcome Plans will cost, what would be the FUP and what sort of bundle subscriptions for OTT services it will include. Stay tuned for more details on TechPP.

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