How to Record Internal Audio during Screen Recording on MacOS

A simple guide to record internal audio

by: - Last updated on: September 1st, 2020

MacOS has a plethora of built-in features and tricks to make productivity easier and one of them is the ability to record the contents on your screen using the in-built Quick Time Player. This eliminates the requirement of a third-party app to perform a basic task like this. However, what is not a part of Quick Time Player is the ability to record the internal audio of your Mac during the screen recording. The default options that you get is to either record no audio or to record audio using the external mic.

macos screen recording

We will tell you how to add the third option – To record internal audio of your Mac.

The steps are pretty much straightforward and all you need is a third-party plug-in and some modifications in sound settings and you’re good to go. Let’s begin.

  • Download Soundflower from this link and install it just like any third-party app.
  • Head over to “Audio MIDI setup” on your Mac by looking for it on spotlight search and hit the “+” sign to create an “Aggregate Device” and rename it to “Internal Input”.
  • Tick the checkboxes on the left for “soundflower 2ch” and “built-in microphone”.
  • Click the “+” sign again to create a “Multi-Output Device” and rename it to “Internal audio rec”.
  • Internal Audio Rec

    • Tick checkboxes on the left of “built-in output” and “soundflower 2ch”.
    • Close the window and click on the volume icon on the status bar and select “Internal audio rec”. (Switch back to “headphones” or “speakers” once the screen recording is done)
    • Open Quick Time Player and before you record your screen, select sound source as “Internal input” and start the recording.

    Do note that along with the internal audio, this method will also record audio from the external mic. Once you’re done recording, click on the volume icon and change the output source back to “Internal Speakers” or “Headphones” based on what you use. You can now record the internal audio on your mac without the need for a third-party screen recording software.


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