Google Camera or GCam Mods are known to improve a phone’s camera performance by multiple folds. They have been tried and tested across many popular devices and compared to the stock camera, GCam provides a better output in almost all scenarios, thanks to Google’s computational algorithms. The biggest difference can be seen in terms of selfies, portrait shots, and Night Sight. If you have got the new OnePlus 8 and wish to take better pictures than what you are getting from the stock camera, you’re at the right place.

oneplus 8 gcam mod

Downloading and installing Google Camera or GCam mod on the OnePlus 8 involves a few easy steps but when done, the results can be astonishing. Along with the app itself, you will also need to load up a configuration file which we will guide you through. We will also include some sample images at the end taken from the stock camera and Google Camera so that you get an idea about how much of a difference GCam makes.

How to Install GCam Mod on OnePlus 8

  • The first thing to do would be to download the required files for your OnePlus 8 which are the G Cam APK file from here and the Config file from here.
  • Once downloaded, install the APK file just like how you would install any third-party app. Tap on the downloaded APK and if it prompts you to allow installation from third-party sources, do so and then install the app.
  • Open the installed G Cam app and allow all the permissions. Exit the app and head over to your file manager.
  • In the file manager, head over to your internal memory and create a folder named “GCam”. Inside that folder, create another folder called “Configs7”. Now, place the config file downloaded in the first step inside the “Configs7” folder.
  • Open the Google Camera app again and double-tap on the black empty space between the shutter button and the gallery preview icon at the bottom. That will open up a window asking you to restore a config file.
  • Select the config file that you downloaded and hit “Restore”.
  • You can now take better pictures on your OnePlus 8!

Now, do note that the GCam mod for OnePlus 8 is still in its early stages so you may not be able to use all the three cameras or you may experience occasional crashes or instability since the device is still relatively new. If there is an updated version of the app, we will update the links in this article accordingly. This version of GCam for the OnePlus 8 also supports Astrophotography which can be enabled or disabled from the settings.

We will leave you with some comparison shots taken from the stock camera and the GCam mod on the OnePlus 8 so that you can see how much of a difference it makes.

OnePlus 8 GCam Samples

how to install google camera (gcam mod) on oneplus 8 - op8 gcam 1 how to install google camera (gcam mod) on oneplus 8 - op8 gcam 2 how to install google camera (gcam mod) on oneplus 8 - op8 gcam 3 how to install google camera (gcam mod) on oneplus 8 - op8 gcam 4 how to install google camera (gcam mod) on oneplus 8 - op8 gcam 5

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