Realme 7 Pro’s Night Filters are so cool, you should use them in the day!

Flamingo and Modern Gold at any time, really

by: - Last updated on: September 7th, 2020

Categorization can be a tricky business. If you put something in a particular category, people always associate that product or feature with it. And well, we are seeing that with the Realme 7 Pro. The brand has focused on the camera in the phone and has also highlighted three Special Night Filters that are designed for night time photography. Called Modern Gold, Cyberpunk, and Flamingo, they jazz up low light shots by stressing certain colors – Modern Gold as its name indicates adds strong golden accents, Cyberpunk has a slightly pinkish and maroon feel to it, and Flamingo puts flaming red everywhere.

realme special filters 1

All of which brighten up low light shots, which generally tend to be on the dull side in the color department.

Terrific for the night, great for the day (especially Flamingo)

And that’s very good. There’s just one problem – thanks to that categorization, most folks try those filters out only at night. Understandable. After all, they ARE called Special Night Filters, right?

The problem is that a lot of daytime shots could benefit from the burst of color these filters provide. Well, perhaps not Cyberpunk that much because its subtle hints of purple and pink make it appear as if the sensor is a poor quality one. But Moden Gold? Well, it at times brightens up a shot. Flamingo? DEFINITELY. We think the shades of flaming red and orange put a totally new spin on many images, especially if there are lots of trees and leaves around. I mean, we got a “marigold” touch to a greyish afternoon!

The filters are very good quality too and are brilliant especially for landscapes which suddenly get speckled with red and gold, depending on the ones you choose. We would advise against using them with human and living subjects, though. Options like flash and HDR are available for these filters as well, and these are available in ultrawide and up to 5X zoom mode as well, which is handy. We guess Realme figured out that they were not the greatest for faces, which is perhaps why you do not get them for shooting selfies!

Bring them to other phones too, Realme!


A point to note is that these filters are live – you can use them while taking a picture, not AFTER having taken it. And well, you cannot change the level of intensity of these filters – you cannot say, change the amount of red you get from Flamingo, or maybe go for a little less gold everywhere in Modern Gold. Perhaps Realme would like to look at that in later editions.

All said and done, these are special filters, all right. And not just for the night. Flamingo in particular is a MUST try option irrespective of the conditions. We hope these filters will be coming to other Realme devices too. They definitely jazz up photography, be it night or day!

Vines Normal1


Vines Flamingo


Leaves Normal


Leaves Flamingo


FlowersAndLeaves Normal


FlowersAndLeaves ModernGold


FlowersAndLeaves Flamingo


Night Normal


Night ModernGold


Night Flamingo


Night CyberPunk


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