If you have a small business or you an individual who is just getting started with a side project, advertising your products and services is the best way to generate leads and get better conversions. While running ad campaigns sounds like an easy business, it is, in fact, anything but that. And, unless you are well-established and willing to pay people to work for you and create visually-compelling campaigns, it is you who has to work overtime and get your hands dirty on digital canvases creating posters, flyers, videos, and whatnot.


When it comes to tools and services that offer such services online, there are several options to choose from based on your requirements. However, one service that provides a comprehensive catalog of templates, along with the ability to create custom graphics, to help you with different advert themes for personal and business use is PosterMyWall.


One of the biggest hurdles with taking creative matters into your hands and stepping up to create graphics yourself is finding the right platform. One that would not demand professional expertise, and instead, will have an easy-to-interface with all the necessary set of utilities to help you with creating compelling graphics to promote your business or service. For, most of the professional ones out there are not as user-friendly, and the feature set they offer requires some level of expertise before you can churn out some decent graphics.

PosterMyWall, on the other hand, aims to provide a totally different experience. It gives you all the essential functionalities you would need when designing graphics, posters, social media posts, videos, marketing graphics, and other visual content while also making sure that these functionalities do not hamper the usability and experience.

postermywall use-cases

With this graphics-oriented service, you can either opt for creating custom promotional content or pick a template from thousands of customizable ones to suit your requirements. If you are just getting started, using templates is probably the easiest way to populate the canvas. And, as and when required, you can always edit out bits to personalize the template and remove the ones that do not fit in.

Besides image and video templates, PosterMyWall also offers a wide selection of hi-res stock images and videos, which can come in handy when you create custom graphics content. By integrating access to stock media (images and videos) on the platform, PosterMyWall ensures that you do not have to spend your time perusing stock content online. And, the best part is, you get what you need with just a simple search.

postermywall stock media (images and videos)

Once you create your advert material, it is saved to your account. That way, you always retain access to your content if/when required. Besides, this also opens the possibility for online collaboration. So, if you have team members that you want to collaborate with on a design, you can simply invite them and brainstorm together.

PosterMyWall works across smartphones, tablets, and computers to give you the freedom to work on your content from anywhere.


While we have already mentioned what PosterMyWall is about and how you can use it to your advantage to make the most out of all the different sets of features and functionalities it offers, the following are some of the marquee features you should know about.

I. Templates

Templates are undoubtedly one of the best features of PosterMyWall. For the uninitiated, these are essentially the starting point for your graphics and come with pre-formatted elements. You get a wide catalog of such templates on the platform based on different sizes and themes. From this selection, you can then choose your template size to suit your graphics requirement. Some of the sizes offered include those for flyers, posters, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, digital signage, online ads, logos, cover images, web banners, among other things.

postermywall templates (by size)

Similarly, you can also choose templates based on your theme requirement. For instance, if you plan to create graphics for a concert or brand performance, you can pick a template for the same and personalize it accordingly. As for the other options, the service provides templates for fundraising, sports, birthday, festival, holidays, photography, restaurant menus, and garage sale, to name a few.

postermywall templates (by theme)

In addition to image templates, PosterMyWall also offers template options for video content. If you require promotional content in the form of video, you can pick video templates by size and themes — similar to how you did with images. And based on which one you choose, you can customize its contents to fit it.

II. Custom design

As mentioned initially, if you are just getting started with working on graphics, you can use the image and video templates that PosterMyWall offers for your different design needs. But, that said, even though these templates cover a wide spectrum of use-cases, for those who need more control over the elements in their design, custom designing (design from scratch) is a far more ideal approach.

When you get started, you are first required to pick a size for your content. There are plenty of template sizes for different purposes. So, depending on your requirements, you can pick one from here. Alternatively, if you want your design in a custom size, you can choose to set custom dimensions and add your preferred dimensions.

postermywall editor

Once you have the canvas size selected, you can then select its background, options for which include solid colors, gradient colors, custom images, and stock images. Finally, with the canvas ready to work upon, it is time to start adding different elements to it, such as clipart, text, media (images and videos), and more. For each of these elements, the service offers a tonne of options. Just to give you an idea of these offerings, media options get you the support for audio and video, text options include several text fonts and animations, and clipart options cover all the different types of geometric shapes and clipart (illustrative graphic arts). Besides these elements, you can add menus and tables to your graphics to make the content more appealing.

III. Schedule and publish

Once you have your design ready, you can either download it to your computer or publish it directly to your social media (Facebook and Twitter) right from the platform. The feature can prove to be useful when you need to design multiple graphics and share them on social media. Since now, rather than having to save your designs locally and then publishing them on your different accounts individually, you can do it from PosterMyWall itself. For this to work, you need to connect your accounts on PosterMyWall. Once set up, you can then add a title and caption to your post and publish it. Moreover, if there are multiple designs that you want to share, you also have an option to schedule them at different times if you are subscribed to their premium plans. What’s more, you can also share your designs via email or embed them on your website.

postermywall share and publish options


PosterMyWall offers two subscription plans: Premium and Premium Plus. The Premium plan comes in at $99.95 per year, while the Premium Plus is available for $319.95. As you would expect, the latter offers slightly more when compared to the former. One of the biggest differences between them, though, is that with Premium Plus, you get access to unlimited downloads for (images and videos) templates.

postermywall plans

Besides paid subscriptions, PosterMyWall also has a free version. However, unlike the other two, this one reserves most of the added benefits and adds a watermark on every image. But, if you only plan on using the service for social media posts, you get a bunch of watermark-free templates to work with and use. It also allows the subscribers of the free plan to buy high-resolution versions of the download for a one-time fee. For those who do not like signing up but need to create quick graphics, the platform allows you to do so (with limited functionality) without creating an account.


To wrap it up, with PosterMyWall, you get access to all the different graphics designing functionalities that some of the high-end dedicated graphics suites offer. In addition, the platform also has a comprehensive catalog of templates for different themes and size preferences that you can work upon and personalize as per your needs. All of these offerings, combined with a simple and easy-to-use editor that does not have a steep learning curve, to offer you the freedom and convenience to design graphics for a personal or a business setting, makes PosterMyWall a perfect solution for your graphics needs.

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