Best Android Apps and Games: Google Play’s Best of 2021

The best apps and games of 2021 are here!

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Key Takeaways
  • Google Play’s Best of 2021 list for the best apps and games across various categories is out.
  • What’s special about this year’s awards is the addition of two new award categories: Wear OS and Google TV.
  • Balance and BitClass won the Best App of 2021 award in the US and India, respectively, whereas Pokémon UNITE and Battlegrounds Mobile India triumphed as the Best Game of 2021, respectively.

Keeping up with its annual trend of celebrating the best Google Play Android apps and games, Google has just released its list of the best Android apps and games for 2021. Like previous years, this year’s list features apps and games in multiple categories, including Best App, Best Games, and Users’ Choice, among others.

best android apps 2021

However, what’s new with this year’s list is the expansion of awards to apps and games on tablets, Google TV, and Wear OS, as well. Google says this is to encourage innovation across Google Play and introduce users to never-before-seen experiences.

Follow along as we dive in to check out the winners for Google Play’s Best of 2021 awards across multiple categories.

Best Android App of 2021

Starting with the most popular category, Google suggests 2021 saw high demand in personal growth apps, just like the previous year. As such, the Balance app, which helps people improve their stress and sleep through personalized meditation, earned the Best App of 2021 award.

In line with Balance, apps such as Moonly, which provides tips and guidance based on the lunar calendar, and Laughscape, which helps users achieve a meditative state through laughter, came out as the Best Hidden Gems for 2021.

In India, BitClass, one of the largest online learning platforms, won the Best App of 2021 title for facilitating an interactive learning environment for classes across numerous categories, including baking, dance, music, personal finance, etc.

Best Android Game of 2021

Coming to gaming, Pokemon UNITE won the Best Game of 2021 title for its dynamic gameplay and cross-platform experience. Similarly, Indie developers also made it to the awardees list for titles like Bird Along and Donut County under the Best Indies category.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, a battle royale game developed and published by Krafton exclusively for India, received the Best Game of 2021 award.

Google Play’s Best of 2021 in the US

Aside from the “best apps” and “best games” titles, Google also honors apps and games in other categories. Below is a list of such apps and games in the US.

Users’ Choice 2021

Best App

Best Game

Best of App Winners

Best of Game Winners

Google Play’s Best of 2021 in India

Google’s Best of 2021 awards list is region-specific, and as such, it includes the following apps and games in its awardees list for India.

Users’ Choice 2021

Best App

Best Game

Best of App Winners

Best of Game Winners

That concludes the list of winners for Google Play’s best of apps and games awards this year. What are your thoughts on this year’s winners? And were any of your favorite apps and games listed on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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