Waking up in the morning to bright sunshine and breathing the fresh air of the countryside is always a good feeling. But in the cities, we have more of a rush of vehicles with people rushing to their offices and belching smoke from their internal combustion engines. We may be on the verge of an EV revolution, but clean air in cities is far from a reality. The need for clean air is not only an imperative but indeed a necessity.


The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09 is an air purifier designed to combat the elements in the air around you that ideally should not be breathed into your lungs. Dyson has introduced its Air Multiplier technology and a completely HEPA H13 sealed housing to ensure proper air purification in a large space. We tested the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09 for three weeks and will describe our experience with it here.

Build and Design

The Dyson TP09 air purifier comes in a plastic unibody design. The top white area is for air circulation, while the golden area below is for air intake. These golden grilles are removable, behind which are the air filters. There are two layers of filters. The first is a steel mesh filter that is placed directly above the air purifier. On top of it, the white HEPA filters are placed. Finally, the gold grids cover the HEPA filter for a clean look.

The Dyson TP09 air purifier is equipped with an LCD screen. This display can actively show the room’s AQI (Air Quality Index), HCHO, carbon levels, room temperature, and other information. There is also a power switch above the display that can be used to turn the air purifier on and off. The air purifier can be controlled via the included remote control or via the Dyson Link mobile application.

Setting Up The Dyson Air Purifier TP09

The Dyson TP09 air purifier is very easy to set up. First, you need to attach the filters to the main part of the air purifier. You will find a visual guide to help you with the process in the packaging. Then, plug the power cord into your electrical outlet. These steps are enough to make the air purifier fully functional with the help of the remote control. However, if you want to control the Dyson TP09 air purifier via your cell phone, download the Dyson Link app on your Android or iOS device.

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When you open the app, you will be prompted to register and create a new account with Dyson. After this step, you need to select “Air Purifier” from the list displayed in the app. The Dyson Link app will then search for nearby products, and you will be prompted to pair the Dyson TP09 air purifier with the app by entering the pairing code displayed on the LCD screen of the air purifier. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes, and once setup is complete, you can control your Dyson TP09 air purifier with your mobile phone.

15 Days with the Dyson TP09 Air Purifier

Before we start with our experience with the Dyson TP09 air purifier, we would like to give you an idea of where we live and where we used the air purifier. The device was tested in Mumbai, where we assumed that the air in Mumbai is not that bad, especially when compared to other major cities like Delhi, Noida, etc. The place where we used the device is a purely residential area, with no busy roads or smoking industries nearby. So there is no need to buy an air purifier. And….. We were wrong!

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The room’s windows where we work are open only for a few hours in the morning and one hour in the evening. The windows are usually closed at other times to avoid the humid heat of the Mumbai summer in the afternoon and the mosquito plague after sunset.

The first day we used the house, everyone in the house said, “Something smells good.” This was because we were used to breathing the normal air, and when the Dyson TP09 air purifier started working, it filtered out one of India’s biggest enemies – DUST. The environment of the room felt fresh and pleasant. And that was just the first day.

Dust is indeed a big problem in India, so we have a weekly schedule for cleaning our furniture to keep it in shape and shiny. Sometimes even twice a week. After using the Dyson TP09 air purifier for a week, we noticed that there was significantly less dust settling on the furniture in the room. The air purifier was constantly filtering the air in the room. This meant that the air purifier regularly filtered the dust circulating in the air, resulting in less dust accumulation in the room. So when it comes to filtering out dust, the Dyson TP09 air purifier is undoubtedly very effective.

The Dyson TP09 air purifier has 10 different fan speeds and an auto mode. The fan speed can be controlled via the Dyson Link app’s remote control. We always left it in auto mode because that’s the best choice. And here’s why you should use your Dyson TP09 air purifier in Auto mode.

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Prefer the Auto Mode

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When the Dyson air purifier TP09 detects that the AQI of the room is getting bad, it automatically increases the fan speed. Sometimes the fan can become audible with its noise when working at full speed. We noticed that the air purifier automatically increases the fan speed every day at around 8:00 pm. When we looked at the AQI graph for 7 days in the Dyson Link app, it showed a sharp spike indicating a falling AQI every day at 20:00! Now we wondered what could be the reason for the air purifier showing peaks at the same time every day? Is it a planned feature of Dyson to keep the air clean? No, it isn’t!

It is always around 8:00 p.m. when food is prepared in our kitchen. Everyone knows that Indian food contains a lot of strong spices, along with tadkas (Indian marinating method – tempering). These tadkas develop a significant amount of oily smoke and carbon that we Indians are used to. It is part of our routine, so most people are used to the smell, and for many, it even triggers the hunger alarm – “dinner time.”

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Emissions generated during food preparation cause the fan speed of the Dyson TP09 air purifier to ramp up to improve AQI. We observed this pattern for a week, and it typically takes 25-30 minutes at full fan speed for the air purifier to bring the AQI back into the green.

The Dyson TP09 air purifier can accurately detect AQI changes and adjust its fan speed accordingly. It does not hurt to use the air purifier at the maximum fan speed of 10, but in this setting, the fan produces some noise and gets a bit noisy. Therefore, using the auto mode is the best choice!

The Dyson TP09 air purifier filters not only dust and other microparticles but also harmful gasses such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, PM2.5, and PM10 particles, and many other harmful elements in the air that are invisible to the naked eye. Dyson’s HEPA H13 filter ensures that such gasses and foreign particles are filtered out of the air with 99% efficiency.

Cleaning the Air Filter

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After using the Dyson air purifier for 10 days, we checked the air filters. Removing the filters is easy: just click the two buttons on the sides of the golden grille, and the filter pops out easily. Here is a before and after comparison of the filter after 10 days of use.

This is the dust that would have otherwise landed on our furniture but was sucked up by the air purifier. Now, an air purifier is certainly not an alternative to a vacuum cleaner, as it only reduces dust circulation in the room. It assists you in cleaning, but again, it is not a substitute for cleaning. The filter can be cleaned by gently scrubbing it with a small brush or an old toothbrush. Be careful not to use a wet brush and keep the filter dry.

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On the LCD screen of the Dyson TP09 air purifier, there is also an option to show you the filter’s life. This will notify you when the filters are clogged and need to be replaced or cleaned normally.

Voice Command Support and Dyson Link App

The Dyson air purifier TP09 supports voice commands via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. You need to add the Dyson air purifier to your Google Home app or Alexa app to enable voice control. We tested voice commands with Amazon Alexa, and the Dyson TP09 air purifier responded quite well. We had no problems with voice control.

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The Dyson Air Purifier TP09 is IoT-enabled, which means that if your air purifier is connected to a WiFi network with internet access, you can remotely control the air purifier using the Dyson Link app on your smartphone. With the app, you can turn the unit on and off, set the fan speed, control the swing of the air purifier, and do everything you can do with the remote. The app also shows you AQI, PM2.5, PM10, VOC, NO2, HCHO, temperature, and humidity graphs. These statistics will help you analyze the air quality in your environment and adjust the use of your air purifier accordingly.

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09 Review: Verdict

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The Dyson TP09 air purifier does a good job filtering dust and microparticles from the air. The automatic detection of the AQI level works very well, and the unit speeds up quickly when needed to improve air quality. The Dyson Link app also works remotely. So if you are not at home, you can operate the air purifier remotely via the app. This ensures that you are greeted with cleaner air when you return.

The Dyson Cool Formaldehyde TP09 is priced at Rs.52,900 in India. The price is on the premium side, considering other options on the market. But the overall reliability of the Dyson air purifier and features like a swiveling fan and the ability to control the unit remotely make the Dyson Cool Formaldehyde TP09 a healthy option to consider. If you want a safe, excellent product with worry-free customer service, the Dyson TP09 air purifier is certainly worth the price!

Buy Dyson Cool Formaldehyde TP09

  • Reliable AQI based filtering
  • Remotely controllable using Dyson Link App
  • Effective dust filtration
  • LCD screen for Live Monitoring
  • Detailed AQI Analysis in App
  • Fan is noisy at full speed
  • Premium Price
Review Overview
Build & Design
Air Purification
Ease of changing filters
Smart Features

The Dyson Formaldehyde Cool Purifier TP09 is a product for users who want a reliable air purifier that checks most tickboxes. Dyson's overall effectiveness and brand value for its R&D and after-sales support make the Dyson TP09 Air Purifier a worthy option to consider despite its premium price!

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