Most homes and workplaces today use broadband for internet access. A broadband connection offers stable and fast connectivity and is suitable for most internet-based workloads. However, there are scenarios where you would want an internet connection on the go.

use an android phone as a wi-fi hotspot

If you own an Android smartphone that has an active data plan, you can use it as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, i.e., connect your other devices to it to use its cellular plan for accessing the internet.

Let us see how to use an Android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step 1: Set Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your Android Phone

Before you can turn your Android phone into a mobile hotspot, you first need to set up its Wi-Fi hotspot. Depending on which Android device you’re using and the operating system it’s currently running, the steps involved in enabling and setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot may vary.

Here are the steps to enable and set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on stock Android:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering.
    mobile hotspot settings on stock android
  3. Tap on Wi-Fi hotspot and toggle the switch beside Use Wi-Fi hotspot.
    enabling mobile hotspot on stock android
  4. Tap on Hotspot password to reveal your hotspot password. You can choose to stick with this password or create a new one. For the latter, enter a strong password and hit OK.
  5. Turn on the hotspot again.

On OneUI:

enabling mobile hotspot on oneui

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Head over to Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  3. Turn on the switch for Mobile Hotspot.
  4. Go back to Settings and select Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  5. Tap Mobile Hotspot and hit Configure.
  6. Choose a security protocol and enter a new password under the Password field.
  7. Hit Save.

On ColorOS:

enabling mobile hotspot on coloros

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Wi-Fi & Network.
  3. Choose Mobile Hotspot & Tethering > Mobile Hotspot.
  4. Toggle the Off switch to turn on the hotspot.
  5. To change the hotspot password, under Mobile hotspot password, enter a strong password.
  6. Hit OK.
  7. Turn on the hotspot again.


enabling mobile hotspot on miui

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Select Portable hotspot.
  3. Toggle on the Portable hotspot button.
  4. Hit Set up Portable hotspot to set up a password and other options.
  5. Enter a strong and complex password in the Password field and hit the tick mark at the top.
  6. Finally, re-enable the hotspot.

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Step 2: Connect Devices to Your Mobile Hotspot

Once you’ve set up and enabled a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android phone, it’s now ready to be used with other devices.

Go to the device you want to connect to this Wi-Fi hotspot and turn on its Wi-Fi. Tap on your mobile hotspot’s Wi-Fi connection to connect to it. When prompted for the password, enter your hotspot password and hit Connect / Join.

Alternatively, open the hotspot settings on your Android phone and click on Share or tap the QR code displayed next to the hotspot name or password. This will give you a QR code with your hotspot name and password. You can then scan this QR code using another Android device or iPhone to connect to it without entering the Wi-Fi password manually.

It is a handy trick that lets you share your mobile hotspot connection with others without telling them its password.

After successfully connecting to your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, you can use it as your personal hotspot to browse the internet, check your emails, or do anything else that requires an internet connection.

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Things You Must Know When Using a Mobile Hotspot

  1. Mobile tethering uses cellular data, which is metered. This means that if you go over your data limit, you will be charged extra by your service provider. Therefore, it is advisable to use a Wi-Fi hotspot only when necessary. Also, remember that using your mobile device as a Wi-Fi hotspot will drain its battery faster, so make sure to keep your phone charged when using it as a hotspot.
  2. When using your Android as a mobile hotspot, make sure you set a strong password for it. You do not want it to be open or have a weak password to limit its access. Similarly, sharing your password with the people you trust would be best.
  3. Always turn off your hotspot when you are not using it. It will continue using your phone’s battery and data if you leave it on.
  4. Check the number of devices connected to your personal hotspot from time to time. The more devices are connected, the slower the internet speed will be. So, if you are not getting the desired speed, try disconnecting some devices.
  5. Cellular signals are not always strong, and so sometimes, your hotspot might not work as desired. In such cases, try moving to a different location.

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Easily Turn Your Android Smartphone into a Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is a great way to use your phone’s data connection on other devices. We hope the steps listed above help you set up a mobile hotspot on your Android smartphone, so you can use it to stay connected to your other devices even when there is no Wi-Fi network around.

Of course, it goes without saying that you must use this feature judiciously, as it can lead to extra charges from your service provider. Also, make sure to keep your hotspot password safe and secure to avoid any unauthorized access.

FAQs About Using Android Phone as a Mobile Hotspot

Data can be used up quickly by a mobile hotspot. It depends on how you use it. Depending on what you do when you browse the internet over Wi-Fi or with your smartphone, how much data you consume will vary. You can expect a song to take up about 3-4MB if you download it via a mobile hotspot.

Yes, using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot will drain not just the mobile data plan but also its battery faster. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your phone charged when using it as a hotspot and keep a tab on the temperature since the phone's internals can really heat up.

There are a few things you can try if your mobile hotspot speed is slow:

  • Check the number of devices connected to your hotspot. The more devices that are connected, the slower the internet speed will be. Try disconnecting some devices if you're not getting the desired speed.
  • Move to a different location. Sometimes, cellular signals are not strong and so your hotspot might not work as desired. Moving to a different location might help.
  • Reset network settings. Go to Settings > System > Reset options > Reset network settings. This will reset your Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth settings.
  • Restart your phone. Sometimes, restarting your phone can help improve the speed.

Yes, you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot while overseas. However, you will need to purchase a roaming data plan from your service provider. Otherwise, you will be charged extra for using data while overseas. It's recommended to buy a local sim card with a prepaid data plan instead.

No, you cannot use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot if you don't have a data plan. You can buy a data plan from your service provider or purchase a prepaid SIM card that comes with a data plan before using it as a mobile hotspot.

To turn off your hotspot, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering > Turn off Wi-Fi hotspot. Of course, the steps will be slightly different on other Android UIs. Refer to the steps for enabling mobile hotspot above to navigate your way to hotspot settings on your device and toggle it off.

To change the password for your hotspot, go to Settings > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering > Configure Wi-Fi hotspot. Enter the desired password in the Security field. Check out the steps listed in the guide above to learn how to do this on different Android skins.

To know if your hotspot is working, go to Settings > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot. The status should be on. If it is not, turn it on. You can also try opening a webpage like to see if your WiFi hotspot is working.

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