Apple has introduced a bunch of new features in iOS 16, which was recently rolled out to compatible devices. Some of these features have been highly popular, for example, the unique lock screen customization. But there is a particular feature that was also added in iOS 16 but has not been talked about much.

toggle to activate the captcha bypass feature in ios 16

In iOS 16, your iPhone and iPad (via iPadOS 16) can now bypass those annoying CAPTCHAs on different websites and can automatically verify you as a human. In this article, we will show you how you can enable this particular feature on your iPhone and iPad.

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Bypassing CAPTCHAs on Different Websites on iOS 16

There are a few steps in this process, but first, let’s talk a little more about how the function works.

Apple has basically partnered with the two major content delivery networks that most modern websites use to verify whether or not the user is human. Fastly and Cloudflare are the two services that Apple worked with to develop the system. Websites that use one of these services to block spam should be able to use the system and could stop showing you so many CAPTCHAs while trying to complete your work. Apple uses what’s called Private Access Tokens for this purpose.

In this case, when you visit a website that normally asks you to fill out a CAPTCHA to verify whether or not you’re human if your Apple device says yes, you’ll be let right through. Apple says that your Apple ID is used as proof that you’re an actual person; your phone or computer doesn’t send out the associated data. The website has just received confirmation from Apple. Likewise, Apple only knows that your device is asking it to confirm whether you’re a human; it doesn’t receive any information about who wants to know.

How to Bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone

This feature is enabled by default on iOS 16. But in case it got disabled, follow these steps below to enable it back.

1. Update to iOS 16 on your iPhone.

2. Go into the Settings application on your iPhone.

3. Click on your Apple Account at the top.

settings application in ios 16

4. Click on the “Password & Security” option.

password & security settings in ios 16

5. Scroll down until you find the “Automatic Verification” toggle under “Advanced” and turn it on if it is not on by default.

toggle to enable bypass captcha feature in ios 16

Once you have completed the above steps, you can bypass most CAPTCHA verifications from your Apple devices.

Bypass CAPTCHA Verifications in iOS 16

At first glance, this seems to be just a small feature, but once implemented in many websites and applications, this particular feature can save you from those annoying CAPTCHAs. Apple adds such small features to its software every year, but most of them are overshadowed by the bigger, flashier additions.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you know of another hidden feature of iOS 16, let us know in the comments below.

FAQs About Bypassing CAPTCHA in iOS 16

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