If you’re a fan of turn-based artillery strategy games, you have undoubtedly heard about Worms since it’s one of the pioneer games of this genre. In fact, it seems that you’re or were a great fan of Worms if you landed in this article looking for games like Worms.

games like worms

Worms is a 2D artillery strategy game with very intriguing gameplay, in which the player controls a number of worms against another number of worms controlled by the computer or another player to let one of the players destroy the opponent’s worms with artillery such as bazookas and guns.

On the other hand, just as Worms is interesting, addictive, and can be used to pass the time, there are several other games like Worms with almost the same functions that you’ll also find great if you don’t want to play Worms but still want to play an artillery strategy game.

If you love Worms and want to have the same experience as other games, this article will present the six best games like Worms that you can always play as an alternative on your devices, either in multiplayer or with the computer.

What is the Gameplay of Worms?

This Worms gameplay description is for you if you’re looking for games like Worms but have never played it, probably because it wasn’t recommended to you or something.

In “Worms,” a turn-based strategy game, four teams of four worms each compete against each other on a randomly generated terrain. Each worm starts with a hit value of 100 and dies when it drops to 0.

games like worms

In this game, when a worm fails, it explodes and affects everyone near it. Therefore, one of the goals of the game is to manage each worm in your team so that its hit value isn’t used up too quickly.

As a turn-based game, the player controls a specific worm from his team each turn, and each worm is limited to one attack per turn.

A variety of weapons are available in this game, including the usual bazookas, grenades, Fire Punch, dynamite, air strikes, and many others.

Worms is a very fascinating game that you’ll undoubtedly find refreshing, and we’ll present some games similar to it in this article.

What Are The Best Games Like Worms?

Are you looking for the best game like Worms? Here are some great games you should check out:

  1. Worms 3D
  2. Hedgewars
  3. Annelids: Online Battle
  4. Pocket Tanks
  5. Angry Birds
  6. ShellShock Live

Worms 3D

worm 3d: best games like worms

If you like playing the 2D version of Worms and are looking for similar games, Worms 3D is one of the best games you should get.

The main difference between this game and Worms is that this game plays in a 3D environment, which allows more intense gameplay than Worms, which plays in 2D.

Worms 3D is a turn-based strategy game, similar to the original Worms, in which you control a team of worms to attack and defeat an enemy team using different weapons and tactics.

Also, Worms 3D includes several new weapons that work differently than in previous Worms games. These weapons range from grenades to bazookas to homing rockets to sheep that explode, among many others.

Worms 3D has a multiplayer mode in which you’ll be able to compete against other players online and a campaign mode in which you’ll advance through different levels. You should try out the game and experience the addictive gameplay of the 3D version of Worms.

Available On: PC



Hedgewars is a turn-based strategy game that resembles Worms in many ways. In this game, you control a team of several hedgehogs and use weapons such as air strikes, banana bombs, grenades, and much more to attack and kill the enemy hedgewars.

Like Worms, the game is set in a 2D environment and is a turn-based game where players use one of their hedgehogs to attack and defeat their opponent. Each move in the game is timed, so you must complete your moves within this limited time.

The hedgehogs in the game move around the environment in various ways, mainly by running and jumping, and the game has a cartoon style. In addition, the game offers a number of game modes, including deathmatch, capture of the flag, and race.

If you like turn-based strategy games like Worms, you’ll appreciate this very customizable game.

Available On: Steam, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS

Annelids: Online Battle


One of the best games like Worms is Annelids: Online Battle, in which you’ll also control a team of worms and compete against other players.

The game is extremely thrilling thanks to its 2D setting, the variety of weapons, and the game mode. In this game, the worms behave realistically and move in their environment.

In this game, you’ll be able to use normal firearms and explosives, as well as exotic weapons such as flamethrowers and laser guns.

Each of the game modes is very exciting and has its own objective. You can play the game with many people online since the multiplayer mode supports up to 6 players simultaneously.

Although the game is only developed for smartphones at the moment, it can be played on PC using an emulator like BlueStacks.

Available On: Android, iOS

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Pocket Tanks

pocket tanks

Pocket Tanks could be a great artillery game if you like using weapons on Worms. In this game, two players take turns controlling tanks and firing weapons at each other.

Like Worms, the main objective of the game is to maintain your own health while reducing your opponent’s to zero by attacking them with weapons.

You’ll be able to use different weapons to attack your opponent, and you’ll be able to adjust the angle and strength of your shots while also taking into account the terrain and any obstacles on the map.

Pocket Tanks has numerous game modes, with more than 200 different weapons that also have unique characteristics. Besides, you’ll be able to customize your tank and many other aspects of the game.

Available On: iOS, Android, PC

Angry Birds

angry birds

Angry Birds is a popular smartphone video game in which players control a flock of birds trying to retrieve their eggs from a group of pigs who have stolen them.

The player uses a slingshot to launch the birds at the pigs and their burrows. Each of these birds has unique abilities, and the goal is to use these birds to destroy the pigs and their structures.

The challenge of the game increases as you progress, as you encounter new types of pigs and obstacles, which adds to the fascination of the game. If you are looking for games like Worms, you should give Angry Birds a chance.

Available On: iOS, Android

ShellShock Live

shellshock live

ShellShock Live is a multiplayer artillery game like Worms, first released in 2015 and available for all major operating systems. Therefore, this is the best game on this list for you if you are looking for a Worms-like game that you can play on any of your devices.

In this game, the player controls tanks and performs turn-based attacks against other players or computer-generated enemies. Your objective in this game is to destroy your opponent’s tanks by strategically aiming your weapons, such as bombs and lasers, at them.

Over 250 weapons and the different game modes in ShellShock Live make the game even more fascinating. Besides, the tanks in the game have a limited number of hit points, which decrease when you are hit by an enemy or attack him.

Players can gain game currency in this game by winning matches, and most of the game elements are also customizable. The storyline is identical to Worms, except that there are no worms in the game.

Available On: Steam, Xbox, PS4, iOS, Android

Final Words

Worms is a fantastic turn-based strategy game with addictive gameplay. Meanwhile, there are many games that are like Worms, with almost the same gameplay, that you’ll find fascinating. For this reason, in this post, we have selected and reviewed the six best games like Worms, so you can try them out and have fun. Let us know if you find the games interesting by writing a comment below.

FAQs about Worms Alteratives

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If you are looking for a game like Worms, but with robots instead of worms, Blastron is the best option for you. Blastron is a turn-based mobile game in which players control robots to attack enemies. It plays just like Worms, but differs substantially in the fact that Blastron uses robots.

The latest version of the Worms video game franchise is called Worm Rumble. Instead of the turn-based action found in the earlier Worms games, this game features real-time combat. Worms Rumble is available for Windows PC, PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Yes, you can play ShellShock Live on your iPhone because it is available in the Apps Store.

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