Hulu and Sling are two great websites for watching high quality movies and TV shows online for FREE! You can even get watch latest episodes for popular TV shows like Heroes, House, Lost and Prison Break – all without paying a dime.

Hulu’s aim is to provide you with the web’s most comprehensive selection of premium programming across all genres and formats – television shows, feature films, clips, and more. With the supports of major television networks like NBC, FOX, Bravo, CNET, Comedy Time, E! Entertainment Television, National Geographic, Sci Fi Network, USA Network etc., Hulu has become a supreme force of online TV streaming.


However, due to the limitations of copyrights, almost all Hulu shows are limited to viewing inside the USA. Same applies to Sling as well. That means that if you live in the United States but are currently abroad you can’t watch the videos at Hulu or Sling. Unless, you have found a way to use a service that hides your IP and displays one from the United States.

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And that’s exactly what this article all about – How to watch Hulu and Sling videos from outside United States?

Access Hulu & Sling Outside the US – Premium method

The following method is unfortunately not free but works perfectly to watch all videos at Hulu & Sling. Secure-Tunnel offers a software that tunnels your connection through their service which is located in the United States. This means that you can use their software to watch videos at Hulu (or Sling) plus use any other service that is geo-targeted to the United States. Their Gold package costs around $8 per month.



Watch Hulu & Sling Outside the United States – Free method

In order to view Hulu / Sling shows outside of USA, all you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. With VPN, your computer will be connected and assigned a new USA IP address. Therefore with the new IP address, it is possible to view all Hulu/Sling shows or access ANY service that is limited for USA residents. Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service software. Hotspot Shield helps secure your computer, your anonymity and your online communications when using wi-fi.

Go to and download Hotspot Shield (direct download link). Extract the package contents and run the setup file. Once installed Connect to the VPN and you are done!! Direct your browser either to Hulu or Sling and check it out.

Note: In case Hotspot Shield doesn’t work for you, try other FREE VPN services. Just make sure the IP is US (or UK) based.

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20 thoughts on “Watch Hulu and Sling Outside the US for FREE!

  1. Btw, you know any mechanism to download videos from hulu or
    .-= Pallab´s last blog ..The Ultimate List of Best Free Games =-.

  2. Hi, I agree with Hide IP. I have beeen using Hot spot shield for some time and it worked. It was a little slow and I had to wait several times to buffer it, but I was very gratefull for it anyway. It is over.
    Now they know I want to acces with the help of proxy tool and it is blocked.

  3. You can use VPN to hide your IP address, but it does not mean you can use it to watch video like Hulu. It dependents on the server’s location and broadband. Some Free VPNs have limited broadband, so you can not use it for watch video. UltraVPN, AlonWeb and Packetix can not be use for watch Hulu videos, because their servers are not in US, but they can be use for watch Youtube videos.

    • Absolutely true. Sorry, if my starting lines were misleading. I just meant services “like” Hulu can be accessed using VPN if it is US based. Also, note that there are many paid but cheap US based VPN services which can be used to access US based video streaming websites.

  4. Hi, I am new to this, I have Netshade and also Hotspot Sheild. I am still not able to view anything on Hulu or Sling. It shows me the US based IP address.

    How can I see TV shows on Hulu.

    • I am planning to get netshade for $29.95 a year, but after reading your post that it’s not working, it gave me second thoughts.
      Had the 5 day trial and it was working so you mean, I could not watch HULU using Netshade?

  5. I heard Hulu will implement subscription option and everyone would be able to access it for the right amount. Until then I’m using IP Privacy because Hulu didn’t block these IPs.

  6. ip hider is malware do not install it. It lgs and records your computer input.. dont use it

    owner of this site remove that link as its dangerous

  7. I use commodo vpn and i watch hulu all the time.I have the paid(about £6 a month)and u get a uk a houston and atlanta choice to connect to.They do a free service,i think is same but u get a download limit(1gb i think)
    Am pleased with it overall so far.Down speeds ~4mb/s

  8. hulu is too slow over hotspot shield. i tried a few vpn services. was able to get the best speed from asia using hidemynet.

  9. I tried hotspotshield. but I had some serious problems with speed. I’d take a look at . It really only took 3 minutes.

  10. Hi Raju,
    Great site, thanks for all your info. I am trying to post an ad on Ebay Classifieds in the US without success. I have tried public proxies, and HotSpot VPN without success. When I post the ad it says that it will be posted in a couple of hours and it;s not. Would you happen to know of a VPN that can post on Ebay classifieds? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Pete.

  11. I use Jumpto to access hulu from Canada. Works every time with no lag or buffering. Also you can get other apps to run through the Jumpto proxy by adding port 8080 to any application (especially the Windows Proxy) with Jumpto running.

  12. Thanks for the article,Raju. I personally use the UnoTelly DNS option. It’s ideal for content streaming because unlike VPNs, there is no internet speed loss when using it.

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