I have previously written some articles/tutorials on How to access blocked websites at school/college/office/cyber cafes etc.


These methods can still help you to unblock websites. But then, there is no fool-proof way as such since it all depends on how smart your network admin is. So, here I present yet another way to access blocked sites which is based on the method of bypassing URL filtering employed by the admin.

Access Blocked Websites by Bypassing URL Filtering

Most of the network admins in schools and colleges block a website by its name (http://www.xxx.com) or by its IP address. Assuming this is the case, we will learn about a way to bypass the URL filtering.

Step 1: Find out the IP address of the blocked website which you are trying to access. Let us take http://techpp.com as our example. Go to Start –> Run and type cmd



A new window opens. Type ping techpp.com and press Enter. You will see the IP address as shown below.


IP address of techpp.com =

Step 2: Convert each of the 4 numbers (67, 222, 24 and 82) into an 8-digit binary value. In order to do this open your Windows calculator, select Scientific view.


Make sure ‘Dec’ is selected and enter the first number and select ‘Bin’. This would give you 8 digit binary value of 67 = 01000011.


Repeat the process for other 3 numbers as well. You will get four 8-digit binary equivalents. Put them all together


Step 3: Convert 01000011110111100001100001010010 into a decimal value. For this, reverse the process explained in Step 2 i.e Select Bin and input 01000011110111100001100001010010 (copy-paste) and then click Dec. This will give you the decimal equivalent of the 32 digit binary number = 1138628690


Step 4: Go to your browser and in the address bar type http://1138628690, this should open http://techpp.com, but it doesn’t, reason given below.

Imp: You might have observed that http://1138628690 is giving Bad Request error. This is because the above trick doesn’t work for websites running on virtual hosts. But other sites like Google, Gmail etc will work flawlessly (http://1249729384 or http://3512041827/)

I do not claim to be an expert in this, so feel free to share your knowledge, tips, tricks and hacks to perfect this method. Did this work for you?


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


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    Really a nice post…..you rock Raju

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    Ya i know as it was shown by ankit fadia in what the hack.I knew it from there before it was posted here

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      good! but did it work for you?

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  • http://twitter.com/tyrantblog Nimil

    Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. Our proxy says “Unable to determine IP address from host name for 1138628690” ( i tried your example). I guess, if you are behind the proxy this trick may not work or your office network configuration also may matter.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Its not about the proxy, but the method of blocking used. This would work if the admin has blocked the website based on the url name or keyword. Also, it has a better chance of working in Firefox.

  • http://www.abhishekbhatnagar.com abhishek

    I tried to open through the numeric URL, but firefox says it could not understand.

    Am I Doing something wrong ?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Did you try the URL mentioned in the article (for techpp, google)? It should not give that error atleast, for techpp, it wont work as I mentioned, for Google, it must not give such an error

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    Anybody tried rapidshare? Pl give opinion. I need rapidshare downloads behind corporate firewall

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    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Great to know!! Mr Ankit spoke about converting URL to Binary, which isn’t enough and doesn’t work.

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    Nice trick, but why that link doesn’t work on my browser? It seems a broken link. :(

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    Nope doesn’t work in Dubai bcoz of Etisalat ISP :)

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    how to i know ip address using mac???

  • hello

    not working if using OpenDNS.
    simply use the ip address will do the trick.

  • http://meetshriram.blogspot.com Sriram

    At my work place Gmail is blocked. I tried this trick, but didn’t worked. :(


  • yogesh

    its not working for orkut.can it be work?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      as mentioned in the first paragraph of the article, it all depends on how smart the network admin is. There is no guarantee that this trick works always.

  • Shehan

    I have a problem my windows xp scientific calculator giving the wrong number. It gives me a 7 digit number. What can I do 4 this plz help me.

    • cheetaeh

      just add 0 in the first digit
      then it will give you 8 digit number

  • anonymous

    The calculation method above is clumsy.
    If IP is a.b.c.d just do a*256^3 + b*256^2 + c*256 + d.

    e.g. =>
    67*256*256*256 + 222*256*256 + 24*256 + 82 = 1138628690

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    ye any other sites ke liye kyun work nahi karta…………….
    if koi solution mile to plz send me

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    It dint work please suggest any other method.I need to access blocked facebook in my android mobile.Do suggest me a solution.

  • shashank

    Doesnt work for me. My college has banned facebook and it converts the binary form to ip address and then to url and then blocks it.:P:P:P
    Help somehow. !!!!!!!

  • springfinger

    Thanks for all the info I’ve found here. I can at least do Google searches now without being redirected to Google.com.hk or getting “Can’t be displayed”

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    Hi, If i would like to access the youtube.com site block, how to calculate and do access it?

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    I have tried to open Face book but it did not work any other solution .we are using Bluecoat Proxy

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    what if your in china and your laptop is all in chinese, and everything is blocked and denied… can ya tell i’m struggling here!

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    I have tried to access world wrestling entertainment but it did not open

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  • Tercete

    Hi… Why not convert the IP address into Hex (67=43, 222=DE, 24=18, 82=52) and convert the full number (43DE1852) to decimal (1138628690)?? It´s easeier than using binary form…

  • tareq

    There are tricks to Cisse Other This method does not work if allowed

  • iqbal azmi

    still blocked.

    Reason: Category ‘Social Web – Facebook’ denied by WebBlocker policy ‘4Mbps-Block-WEBBlocker’.

    Method: GET
    Path: /