Yes, you heard me right, loud and clear, no fake phone activation, no crack, serial or keygen needed. This is a genuine free Norton AntiVirus or also known as Norton Security Scan made free by Google and Norton Symantec.

Google Pack is offering a free edition of Norton Security Scan, better known as the striped down version of Norton AntiVirus 2009. Visit the official website and download the Free Norton AntiVirus – Google Pack.

The only drawback for the free edition of Norton Security Scan is the lack of real time protection. You can over come this by manually (right click and select ‘scan with norton antivirus’) scan any files you think that are suspicious, for your information it is only available in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. When it comes to antivirus programs, my advice is don’t go for the crack version downloaded from any torrent websites, it is not worth the risk, hackers knew that the real reason you’re downloading these security software is because your computer is not protected. Always go for the free edition if you can’t afford a genuine copy.

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